Choose your own Margaret & David

68If you’re an avid follower of Margaret Pomeranz & David Stratton (and who isn’t?), don’t miss this week’s Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure.

The two veteran movie reviewers take great delight in sending themselves up.

This week Leung tries to become a world champion at the Rubik’s Cube, including a face-off in a Fight Club basement.

Also appearing as himself this week is Kerry O’Brien.

The episode airs at 9:35pm Wednesday on ABC1 -perfectly leading straight into At The Movies.


  1. I watched this and it was absolutely hilarious! They were so similar to what they are like on their show and it was done so absolutely well. This and Spicks and Specks had me in stiches tonight. ABC is by far the most comical australian network – comical in a good way, not like the commercial stations and their programing

  2. Sorry, guys, but I don’t like Lawrence Leung’s show. I think it’s pointless. I watched his first episode for a while and then I found it too tedious to watch.

  3. Haha after the promo for this episode I wasn’t particularly enthused compared to previous weeks at it didn’t seem to make much sense but seeing these three will be part of the episode is even more enticing.

    David did splendidly in his “Review” episode when he got in a fight… brilliant hahaha

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