Councils lose out in location fees

The NSW State Government is trying to boost local production by cutting location fees. But local councils will miss out.

head_landNew South Wales local councils are feeling the pinch after the state government effected changes designed to encourage the film and television industry.

Now, local councils can no longer charge fees for use of public location sites.

The new Filming Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 that came into effect on March 30 stipulates that fees for filming rights are off limits.

Kiama Municipal Council has estimated the new bill will represent an annual loss in revenue of up to $40,000, at a time when it wants a rates increase of 6.5 per cent to help make ends meet.

The area is a favourite for TV ads, while an old quarry at Bombo has provided a backdrop for Gladiators and Power Rangers movies.

The Illawarra region has hosted various films and TV shows, including Mullet, Soft Fruit at Port Kembla, and Seven’s HeadLand (pictured).

Last year NSW lost its mantle as the state with the most television production to Victoria.

Source: Illawarra Mercury

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  1. Typical state government. It does this because it can exercise such power over local government. Ask State Government to take a financial hit to support local production – then thats another matter and won’t be done.

    Makes the State look like they are doing something, but not taking any of the financial costs. You will all pay for it in the end with higher rates.

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