Final season confirmed for Tudors

Showtime confirms the fourth and final season of its lavish period drama starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

tudors39Showtime has confirmed what was tipped back in January: that there is just one more season of its lavish period drama, The Tudors.

The network has renewed the series for a fourth and final sexy season of 10 episodes -two more than season three.

The new season will follow marriages to Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr, continuing continue the show’s storytelling format of King Henry VIII going through two wives per season.

“I’m thrilled to complete the saga of Henry VIII as reconceived by Michael Hirst,” Showtime president Robert Greenblatt said. “He and (star) Jonathan Rhys Meyers have breathed new life into the costume drama by making it both modern in sensibility but also faithful to history. I think we proved that even after 500 years, this is a great story.”

Creator Michael Hirst will have single-handedly written all 38 episodes of the saga (lookout, David E. Kelley!).

His next project will revolve around the Camelot legends for Showtime.

Two seasons of The Tudors have so far aired in Oz, with the fourth to screen in the US in spring.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The first two seasons focused on one wife in each, though Anne Boleyn featured heavily in the first as his mistress.

    I’m glad this is being seen through to it’s natural conclusion. I wonder though what the chances might be of continuing, perhaps at a later date, and following Edward, Mary and Elizabeth on the throne. Not as sex fuelled granted, but politically still one of the most important times in British history – and with Edward especially probably quite a bit of dramatic licence in terms of the characters around him and their own quest for power.

  2. “Divored, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” is the old children’s rhyme..
    Cathrine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Cathrine Howard, Cathrine Parr ….obviously had a thing for women named Cathrine..

  3. I’m confused.
    two wives per season, over four seasons would equal eight wives, but Henry 8th married ‘only’ six times.

    Or did the first season not have him get married at all? I know the story, but haven’t seen the show so please forgive my ignorance.

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