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TV Tonight takes a peek behind the scenes at the Rove studio and finds a very relaxed host and team, happy to welcome another audience.

rove-013aRove McManus was as relaxed as can be before, during and after his show when TV Tonight swung by for a visit last night. After all he’s close to racking up ten years of hosting commercial television.

In fact, the Rove team and crew ran a very smooth ship, knocking off the show from beginning to end without a hitch.

Now filming at the ABC’s Ripponlea studios after Global Studios became unavailable, the show featured Adam Hills, comedian Russell Kane, Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 and a pre-record interview with Hugh Jackman (who had extended his 5 minute interview time to 15 for McManus).

Regulars Pete Helliar, Ryan Shelton and Carrie Bickmore warmed up the couch, writer Kynan Barker doubled as warm-up man, ‘Kevin Rudd PM’ duo Hayden ‘Haydo’ Guppy and Nick Maxwell rehearsed their “live sell” and producer Craig Campbell watched over them all like a proud father.

In between segments Rove bantered with the audience (including tossing out the Easter Eggs), was pampered  by make-up and was generally keen to move out from behind the studio desk.

Backstage a very replenished Green Room (complete with their own catering) keeps everyone buoyant.

Clearly looking after the team and keeping the studio light and friendly is crucial to hoping the audience at home feels just as welcome.  What you see is what you get with Rove –70 minutes of a guy who loves his audience.

And as for that secretive 7pm project? There wasn’t much being given away -except don’t expect to see Hamish and Andy involved…












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  1. Damm I would’ve liekd to have seen Hamish and Andy fronting another show…although perhaps the sohuld move out from underneath the Roving banner.

    P.S. How does Carrie Bickmore keep her position on Rove? She’s just not funny.

  2. The Adam Hills interview also seemed longer than Rove’s normal blink and “are you ready for your final 5” interview. His interviews with Hills and Jackman made for an interesting show (for once). Shame not many people were actually watching.

  3. I’m sure the Rove show’s production values are very professional and all, but it doesn’t change the fact that Rove is a totally abysmal interviewer, who doesn’t interview his celeb guests long enough. Granted his show is 5 nights and his celeb interviews don’t always go well (but usually they do), watch David Letterman interview an A list celeb guest (many of which Rove often gets, as they come to Aus to promote something) on his show for about 20 minutes (including commercials) to see how you interview someone, while still showing a good sense of humour.

  4. Random question David, the music performances look very much prerecorded; how long before the show do they do those?

    Also, do you know any more about what forced them out of Global studios?

    1. The band was pre-recorded before the show, due to smaller size of this studio, about 90 mins out. Seven took some more space at Global after it left former buildings. I think the Rove team wanted something that would be regular to them, which makes sense. SBS has also used ABC studios.

  5. A lot of media were speculating that Hamish and Andy would front the secret new project Roving will run at 7pm weeknights. But it’s not the case. The boys are busy with radio and other projects so we’ll have to keep guessing…

    Not the same studio as ABC News Breakfast.

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