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Lord of the Rings' special effects team Weta Workshop has put together a colorful kids series for the ABC.

44This week a children’s series The Wot Wots started on ABC.

Filmed at the Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington zoos, it follows the adventures of two siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. They come to explore planet Earth in their steam-powered spaceship and arrive in the middle of a zoo.

It has been put together by the Weta Workshop, a special effects team behind Lord of the Rings, Heavenly Creatures, Xena, Hercules and even Meet the Feebles.

It airs at 8.25am weekdays on ABC1.





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  1. I would like to specially congratulate the Weta team on their superb show the Wot Wots.

    I am a professional puppeteer trained in child development and have my own puppet troupe which goes around schools performing shiows on social themes .

    I just love your show and I see the genious in the characterizations . i am in awe of the ideas for the scripts and the sets. Its pure magic anda joy to watch! Congratulations! We have a new icon show in the field. The last time I was touched so much by this genre of puppetry / animation was when I discoverd Greg the Bunny. This was for an adult audience and now we have the wot wots fort the littles ! I bow before you! well done and keep going !

    The Crunchkin Crew puppets – no strings attached

  2. Hey All, you can buy dvd’s at The Warehouse in NZ. I have just arrived back in Shanghai and am trying to buy some to get sent to us over here, as we darn well left our copy in the car!! Very cool – well done Weta!

  3. my two year old sam adores these, especially spottywot….. have had to record the shows so that if we miss one he can still get his wotty fix! the delight on his face whilst watching is magical….. thank you

  4. My son (20 months) is a new viewer to the Wot Wots & is already obsessed. I have two shows recorded and he wants to watch them over and over again in favour of playhouse disney!! I’m really looking forward to the DVDs being released! Are there any plans for dotty wot & spotty wot dolls in the near future too, they would go down a treat!

  5. I have four children (3,2 and twins 6 months) all glued to the telly to watch the Wot Wots – thanks for making a show that keeps all these age groups happy at once – well done. My husband and I can watch it without getting annoyed – an added bonus!

  6. My 13 month old son loves The Wot Wots. I must admit that dad loves them as well. Every morning we sit down on the floor together and watch it before I leave for work. Looking forward to the dvd releases and soft toys. Cheers!

  7. my 2 year old loves the wotwots where can i get the dvds and a wotwot teddy/toy

    good work. they are one of the best kids show i have see in along time 100% better then the night garden.

    We love the Wot Wots.

  8. My 2 year old and 1 year old love the Wot Wots. They also love the games on the website especially mixing the drinks for the Wot Wots – it has been a fantastic tool in teaching my children different fruits and is a great game for them to share as one chooses one fruit and the other one chooses the other. We love the Wot Wots.

  9. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments of support. We have loved making this show and poured our hearts into it and were very nervous watching as our two ‘children’ set out into the world. The wonderful response has been a real thrill. As to the DVD’s, the show has only just started airing this April, but the ABC and Village Roadshow have already planned the first 5 DVDs but I don’t have a release date as yet. Thank you all again for your encouragement and support. Martin Baynton

  10. My 6 1/2 month old loves these 2, ( then again so do I, 36 yo stay at home dad ), I love to watch my daughter giggle and squeal at them, I like how 1 word “wotty” can be used so many ways to express themselves and have so many meanings, I can’t find the DVD at all, nor any of the episodes to download off the net, shame about that.

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