Game on. It’s Eddie v Andrew

Eddie McGuire will go head to head with Andrew O'Keefe in a game show battle that is reminiscent of old fashioned snake oil salesmen.

edmcg1Let the games begin.

The 5:30pm timeslot has hotted up with confirmation that Nine will pit Millionaire Hot Seat against Seven’s Deal or No Deal.

The match begins from Monday April 20th, the second day back in the ratings race.

Nine promises a “$20 Million dollar month, a totally new game sees 6 contestants going head to head in a mighty battle to win the cash.”

This means the show is not yet committing to anything beyond four weeks of episodes. If it doesn’t work at least it’s a way out. If it does, could they produce more? Probably.

Pitting the two men in a head to head battle will be like watching the best salesmen from each network in an old fashioned snake oil demonstration. Both are supreme at spin.

Deal or No Deal is the stayer, having defeated every show Nine has put against it. Millionaire Hot Seat is the new kid on the block. An audience favourite that promises new bells and whistles. It isn’t the first time the show has been stripped as a 30 minute version, but never at such breakneck speed.

The trick will now be to see whether Seven can up the stakes with two cases of $200,000.

But what happens when the month is over? Back to Antiques Roadshow? Hardly an ideal solution. We’ll have to wait and see if the network’s other rumoured projects, including Let’s Make a Deal and that magazine show that just won’t die eventuate.

Meanwhile Brisbane viewers can see Eddie at 5pm with Extra remaining locked into 5:30pm. That’s the magazine show that’s been running for 17 years of course…

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