Gone: Beyond the Darklands

Seven replaces its crime doco series with repeats of Bones.

bonesSeven has dropped its crime doco series Beyond the Darklands.

This week it managed 685,000 at 9:30pm Sundays, behind CSI: Miami and Rove. Seven came third for the night.

Next week it airs a repeat of Bones, “The Boy in the Shroud.

A week later its “The Blonde in the Game.”

It was the second timeslot for the doco series produced by Screentime. Seven says it will return to a 9:30pm weeknight slot.

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  1. Very unprofessional advertising a television program and then not airing it!

    Why the move of timeslot also? Wouldn’t leaving it on a Wednesday night make more sense until it became better known.

    Beyond The Darklands is a widely followed show considering how new it is. But you have to keep in mind it’s only been running for four or five episodes – not many people have even heard of the show yet which is why shows like Rove (which have been around for years) would outperform it.

    I, for one, love this show and would be very dissapointed if it was taken off air, or if it was moved to a later time slot. Leave it on a Wednesday at 9:30!!!

  2. As noted in the story there are plans to return it. Dropping of the show was unrelated to anti-Muslim suggestions. It just wasn’t performing well enough.

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  3. Really annoyed at the way shows are advertised then not shown. Why ax
    Beyond the Darklands when it’s a very interesting show. Was it axed because the Skaf guys family were bothered by it. It needs to be shown because other criminals have been shown and put under the Psychologist microscope.
    I sincerely hope Channel 7 is not being PC because he is a muslim.
    Non muslims have been shown on this programe and that was ok. There are criminals in all groups so show it all equally.
    Don’t be weak.

  4. Why would u put a double on of Bones? one is enough – I love beytond the Darklands – I was really looking forward to watching it – why would u advertise it and then not show it – Bring it back pleeeeeeease!!! A brilliant show

  5. Why would you replace Beyond the Darklands with a repeat of that rubbish? I really enjoyed the first episode and I was looking forward to seeing it again this week. Please at least put it on at another time slot/day so that we can watch the series

  6. channel 7, when will you show Beyond The Darklands??? I love that show! Don’t advertise it and then not put it on… very frustrating… at least make it available for download…Please put it on!!

  7. Come on Chanel 7 you are going to replace Beyond the Darklands with a repeat of Bones?

    Just when you get interested in a show they axe it.
    Bring back Beyond The Darklands. :o(

  8. What’s going on Channel 7?
    I love Beyond the Darklands. I didn’t mind the change to Sunday but taking it off is a bit much.

    Channel 7, please bring it back to Wednesdays after Criminal Minds. That’s where it fits best.

    And, please keep the psychologist. She’s great.

  9. I abhor shows like this (crime, factual etc), so yay. BTW I bet if this were on Nine people would be complaining ’till the cows come home, but of course this is (or was) on everyone’s beloved Channel Seven!

  10. @R: Is there any wonder as to why it only clocks 200,000 viewers at a time when most are in bed?
    Not even I stay up for it, it gets the tape treatment, and im sure there are many more who do that.

    The plus side is at that time you don’t get those annoying pop up ads.

  11. @R – maybe, just maybe, the reason it’s doing under 200k at 11pm is because it’s on at 11pm?

    It’s fine for people with DVRs or ahem, *it*orrent – but other people I know who have watched all previous seasons are like “it’s too late – Monday mornings are hard enough as it is without staying up until midnight to watch it.”

    I guess the rationale is that if you’ve missed the first 10 episodes, why would you bother now? Well, this season is in 3 separate arcs – so you can start watching even in the middle of the season, and still keep up.

    Same deal goes for long-arc shows like Lost – it’s like the networks _want_ to kill them off because they can’t easily run them as repeats.

    [runs off to sharpen metaphorical knives for TV programmers…]

  12. How annoying! i really enjoyed Beyond the Darklands. Why in hell did they move it to Sunday?? Most people wouldn’t have even know it was on! If they had to change the night I think Tuesday night would of been a much better night for it, when nothing is on.

    It also really annoyed me that at the end of a show they would advertise which criminal was on the show next week and the following week it was a totally different episode.

    CH 7 we do not like to be treated like idiots! Stop moving shows around and if you advertise an episode just put it on don’t change it at the last minute!

    Programmers at TV stations are F’ wits! It’s like they want shows to fail, the way the treat them! I am so Peed Off!

    The annoying thing is i can’t even download it. What is the point of getting hooked on an Australian show, if it doesn’t rate well it will be moved around and eventually disappear. At least with American shows if they disappear you can just download them. That is the last time ch 7 that i give any of your shows a chance, i was thinking of watch 10 years younger but i won’t bother!

  13. We all knew that would be the wrong night for it. They should show it later in the week, late night or on 7HD even. The show, to me, is let down by that lady they have talking about the psycology – without her, it would be much better.

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