Gone: Beyond the Darklands

Seven replaces its crime doco series with repeats of Bones.

bonesSeven has dropped its crime doco series Beyond the Darklands.

This week it managed 685,000 at 9:30pm Sundays, behind CSI: Miami and Rove. Seven came third for the night.

Next week it airs a repeat of Bones, “The Boy in the Shroud.

A week later its “The Blonde in the Game.”

It was the second timeslot for the doco series produced by Screentime. Seven says it will return to a 9:30pm weeknight slot.

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  1. Very interesting and scary/gruseome and analytical show at how serial killers and other criminals ‘tick’. It’s very informative for its late night showing and it gives people a real idea of the sort of crazy evil people out there. I was scared of some episodes (especially the Katherine Knight one), but it is very worldly and provides knowledge of the sort of people out there in the streets. Please put it to replace an earlier show (8-8:30 pm?) because Home and Away doesn’t scratch up. ;D 😉

  2. Beyond the Darklands was an informative and well produced production. I can’t believe that 7 has done the wrong thing and axed it, tha’ts what tey have done — axed it. No amount of spin can hustify that 7 have botched it. Bring it back,

  3. Well I don’t care the way anyone spins it. The truth is that they pulled this show off because of the skaf show. It was the next episode. It was ratng well – much better than everthing that replaced it. I know people involved in covering the cronulla riots and they got told to calm everything down.

    It doesnt worry me that we try to reduce racism but when you cover up the truth it just sucks. dont expect to see beyone the darklands on oz tv again. skafs lawyers dont like it.

  4. I only saw 1 episode of Beyond the Darklands (On the Bega Schoolgirls) and I only caught that by accient so it obviously wasn’t very well advertised. I really enjoyed the show and thought it was very professional. Looking forward to its return in the future. Is it available on DVD??

  5. How did you ever expect a show like beyond the darklands to top up with rove and the other sunday night populars. I think it was a great show and agree with those above it should return to wed at 9.30 and also please do not advertise it and then not air it? would also like to know where the ‘ratings’ come from, how they collected? please bring back beyond the darklands to a time when it can rate better.

  6. Please bring back Beyond the Darklands – it is a very informative show and it educates people as to the dangers we all face but are too scared to admit to… to be forewarned of these types of behaviours, is a way of protecting ourselves and our loved ones… Please don’t put it on HD – not everyone has a HD TV or HD set top box… Thanks

  7. This is a terrific show. I am disappointed that it has been cancelled at this stage. I couldn’t help suspect that the sudden decision to take it off air was political, that is, controversy relating to the Muslim rapists’ story. In this country, if you’re a criminal, regardless of your race, creed or religion, you ought not be protected, but this would appear to be the case.

  8. I didn’t like this show when it first aired as it looked very amateurish especially when compared the one it was competing with on Channel 9. But, over the following two weeks, I got to like it very much, as did my wife. Now I’m disappointed that it’s been taken off. Hopefully it will return very soon

  9. for the first time in 6 months i actually found something i liked on television please bring back beyond the darklands its been over a month since beyond the darklands was screened and still nearlly evry persn i know is asking when is it going to return i find it hard to believe that is rated so poorly maybe you need to do a poll that includes a bigger cross section of the community too accurately rate interest in this program

  10. I have just reprimanded the editor of the SunHerald TV guide for a misprint on realising I missed the most anticipated of Beyond the Darklands episode. But you did do the unthinkable!! I’m disappointed & can’t believe a quality show about real people instead of the usual US overacted “always the same story” rubbish is not performing well enough so it’s axed in favour of more overseas shallow shows. Please remember the majority rules & if that is what we want to see it’s our call so we beg of you, Give us the series & all of the episodes

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