Graham Norton: guests

thegrahamnortonshowNext week’s Graham Norton Show on ABC2 is probably the gayest episode ever.

His guests?

Zac Efron, Little Britain‘s David Walliams and Pet Shop Boys.

Most of the episode is Effron and Walliams together on the couch. Filmed just weeks ago, Effron is promoting 17 Again. While the audience squeals in delight, the cheeky Walliams takes every opportunity to nuzzle up close, flirting outrageously and upstaging Norton entirely.

Almost as funny as when Stephen K. Amos flirting with Anthony Callea in Spicks and Specks.

Pet Shop Boys close the show with their new single “Love, etc.”

It airs 9:30pm Thursday night on ABC2.


  1. Angie Terrill

    Only just discovered Graham Norton. He would have to be the funniest person on TV without a doubt. Funny, funny, funny! and that’s even before he says a word, just his expressions are hilarious, He has an array of some the most interesting showbiz people around, which is a testimony to his talent as a host. He actually makes all the other chat show hosts seem dull and that’s without exception. I am not surprised his shows have been so successful and I for one will be tuning in for my 1/2 hour or so of laughter therapy each week. I would watch him every night if he was on. I reckon a half hour of Graham each day would be enough to cure most people of any depression they may have; in fact it should be prescribed by therapists to the depressed, better than any pill I reckon!

  2. I too am looking towards this years Eurovision.Terry Wogan was entertaining and Graham Norton will be such a bitch .lol What is it with the Irish?

  3. Im only recently discovered Graham Norton, hes a scream, he will do well as Terry Wogans replacement as the BBC’s Eurovision commentator this year I reckon…heres hoping SBS just sticks with the BBC coverage of it and doesnt screw around with it like they have been prone to doing in the past.

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