Joanna Lumley guests on Lewis

lumleyIt’s been a while since we’ve sighted Joanna Lumley, but over Easter in the UK she appeared in the season finale of crime series Lewis.

The former Ab Fab star appeared as rock chick ‘Esme Ford,’ a former rock idol of Inspector Lewis, played by Kevin Whately.

Esme sang with fictitious group Midnight Addiction for which Lumley’s singing voice was dubbed by singer Maggie Bell.

Lumley said: “Once we realised what kind of music the group Midnight Addiction played – practically Black Sabbath – I guessed she (Esmé) was a slightly stoned, fairly wrecked Janis Joplin-type figure (as opposed to Patsy?).

“But I thought this lot would have had a pretty fabulous look about them — they’d have all worn black leather with eye make-up.”

The group played tracks written by Inspector Morse and Lewis composer Barrington Pheloung, who also plays lead guitar.

The ITV ep pulled 6 million viewers, an average audience share of 25% between 8pm and 10pm.

Source: Guardian, Oxford Mail

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