‘Millionaire’ not locked in for Eddie

Nine tweaks the title of its new show for Eddie, now simply branded as just 'Hot Seat.'

wwtbam21Strange movement from Nine today with an amendment that indicates Eddie McGuire’s new 5:30pm show is now just dubbed Hot Seat.

So cancel all previous variants including Millionaire Hot Seat and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Hot Seat (which was the official title).

It’s a bit odd given half the publicity machine had already been churning with the “M” word in the title. Even here  in a promo clip it’s branded as Millionaire Hot Seat.

The show, however it will eventuate, starts next Monday at 5:30pm. Lock it in, Eddie.

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  1. well given the way Nine’s 7pm offerings have been fairing since Temptation ended in 2009 They should dump garbage like 2.5 men or Big Bang Theory and put this on in it’s place while they figure out what to do for something after News and Current Affair.5:30pm can go back to Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes Cartoons like what we had back in the eighties.

  2. A concern about a question asked last week – women in Australia could vote after which year. Answer 1902 – But Aboriginal women were not counted as Australian citizens until after 1967 and therefore could not vote. None of your alternative answers to this question could be correct, and yet the contestant was eliminated.

  3. I have been calling your “Competition Line” phone number since Eddie”s Hot Seat ad was aired a few minutes after 9am this morning, only to be advised “Thank you for Calling. This competition is currently closed”. Why then are you not advising your viewers to call between whatever hours your lines are open?!

  4. I’ve seen a e-mail in the last day asking for audience members in the e-mail it is still referred to Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Hot Seat. Even promotions in Nine can’t get in right.

  5. That’s weird, because in the ads, they show clips of the Hot Seat, and the logo on the set clearly says “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Hot Seat.” maybe the official title will be this, but they will just call it Hot Seat as a shortened version.

    Like Deal or No Deal is simply called Deal, and The Today Show is also called Today. Everybody Loves Raymond is called RAymond etc.

  6. Wasn’t the whole point in the first place to capitalise on the Slumdog Milionaire craze which had Who Wants To Be A Millionaire as its centrepiece??

    Hot Seat is a very dreary title – and why have it when the set, host and everything else screams Millionaire??

    Ch 9 have done some very strange things this year, and this one is Bizarre….

  7. I kinda think it’s a smart move. Introduce it as a “Millionaire” style show, but then rename it. After all, the last version of “Millionaire” that was on weeknights for a couple weeks didn’t do so well I believe. So people will know it’s Millionaire-style, but that it strays from the “Millionaire” style enough to convince people who strayed from the show to give it another chance.

    if that makes any sense lol, it does to me!

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