Minister Conroy for sale on eBay

Senator Conroy, "the big mouth of Broadband and Communications in Australia" is now on sale via eBay.

senconSomeone has put the Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy up for auction on eBay.

Item number 180342524797 is described as “the big mouth of Broadband and Communications in Australia – The uneducated idiot that plans to filter all internet content at an ISP level for end users. The rightful owner will have full use of Mr Conroy – As you see fit. (Although It is recommended only bringing him out for sexual pleasure at parties.)

“He has failed the Australian Government as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. The asking price is around $8’000, or best offer. but send me your thoughts, No reasonable offer refused. He will be delivered via FedEX Courier Service to your doorstep where you can do with him as you wish. More Images are available via email on request – Including Nooooodes. Signed, K Rudd.”

It’s been a tough seven days for the Minister. First he was grilled live on air on the ABC’s Q & A where he explained “blacklist” errors as the consequence of the Russian mob.

The classification Board website was hacked at the same time as he was on air.

Then he was put through the wringer on SBS’ Insight.

His appointment of board members to the ABC and SBS was upstaged by a leak. And media have commented that his ISP filter plan is in a policy retreat.

Now he’s been lampooned by a mock auction on eBay.

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  1. It’s funny you know, he’s basically admitted that the intention is different from the practical, and this is the danger. It’s not just what they intend to block, it’s what they will be capable of blocking.

    It’s funny how he just likes to pass the buck off to the ratings bored, yet there current stance is different than what he claims it’s about. He seemed confused on this on Insight, which shows the dangers.

    I think a big thing is, it is the power to block anything, and with out transparency there is no accountability. He talks about ratings for films, books ect, and it being applied to the net. Yet not taking into account the internet is not just one medium. It’s a delivery system for multiple so it’s not applicable.
    Why is something fine to publish in a book, not acceptable to online. if instead of being printed, it’s in digital text and pictures? Where does that go with digital downloads of books?
    Why is something you’re able to buy on dvd, not acceptable online?

  2. Whenever my mother reads of a “new virus” in the paper she rushes in to tell me not to open emails from people I don’t know etc. You know, kids stuff.

    I didn’t think there were less computer literate people in the world until I came across this Mr. Conroy and his obliviousness when it comes to how the internet works.

    Internet censorship is an ominous thing…

  3. Good ole Gil – yes if that was only true and could ever be guaranteed. Half the leaked blacklists include political sites (euthanasia/abortion etc), fringe religious sites, youtube links etc which is rather scary. Speed & cost issues aside I don’t want anyone deciding what I can and can’t watch.

  4. China, china , china. Move on. Comparisons to China are boring and outdated. The man just wants to block child porn, rape and other nasty websites that 99% of the population don’t want to see, or their kids to see. Your normal adult websites will still be available so stop getting upset. This is not the end of freedom of speech or the internet. Gee whiz…the sky is falling. Get a grip!

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