More than a game?

millionaire-hot-seatIn two articles published today, Andrew O’Keefe and Eddie McGuire comment about their game shows from varying perspectives.

O’Keefe told the Sunday Age: “I don’t think there’s any intelligence required to play Deal.

“No one buys a lottery ticket seriously thinking they will win but they like the fantasy of thinking what they would do with the money. A game show gives them that fantasy for half an hour.

“Game shows have no politics, they have no philosophy … they don’t ask you to believe in anything other than the possibility you might win some cash — and that’s something everyone wants to believe in.”

McGuire tells the Sunday Herald Sun: “People are writing it up like it’s a footy match, but I don’t think of it as Eddie versus Andrew,” he said. “Life’s tough enough. We just want people to enjoy themselves. If they’d rather watch Deal, good on ’em. Rather watch TEN news? Good luck.”

Meanwhile the real battle is in the 6pm News. The game shows are just the entree for the main course.

The non-battle begins tomorrow week at 5:30pm.

Sources: Sunday Age, Sunday Herald Sun


  1. bill gillen

    Eddie told a contestant tonight that Nelson Mandella spent just under 26 years in jail but, Wikipedia states that he in fact spent 27 years in jail. Can someone please clarify and, how does one get on the Show?

  2. I’m still stickin with DOND.

    I’m sure that the Australian public have mastered the use of the ‘remote control’. It’s possible to change the channel at 6pm people….

  3. Deal may take absolutely zilch brain capacity, but the average bogan in the centrelink line can pick a, b, c or d without any brain stimulation…

  4. @Casey, As far as I know, I believe there is a time limit on each question-something like 30 seconds so there’s not much time to think about it. Someone I know went to a pilot and they said it’s really fast moving and cutthroat.

  5. The previous format of WWTBAM that Eddie hosted, often moved too slow, with contestants often taking far too long to answer. If they can give contestants a time limit restriction with answering and maybe present the first 4 questions upfront to answer, it might be worthwhile.

  6. I’ll be watching Millionaire, as I can’t stand Andrew. Andrew’s almost as annoying as Koche. At least Millionaire requires brains, and even Andrew knows that!

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