New game show for Seven

Shhhh! Seven summons an audience for a "new game show" recording in Melbourne next month.

sevensignAs if to say Deal or No Deal isn’t enough, Channel Seven is working on a new game show and looking for a studio audience in Melbourne.

An email to Seven’s audience database indicates the show will be recorded at Global Studios, Coventry St, South Melbourne on Thursday May 7th.

Anyone attending, feel free to share your thoughts with TV Tonight!

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  1. Why is it that game/quiz shows are always produced in Melbourne? I’m struggling to think of any recent ones (other than maybe Taken Out, if it counts) that were made anywhere else.

  2. some good suggestions for host there kev. i hope it’s a fresh face.

    hugh sheridan should have a big future, but not sure if this is the launchpad he should take. bec maddern would be good a bit like sandra sully hosting braniest kid. and luke jacobz obviously has a fanbase winning DWTS and has a personality that TV needs; humble, not over the top.

    is james kerley still signed anywhere, i liked him.

  3. i think these days people are more interested in the strategy, luck, mindless type of gameshows as opposed to quiz shows where you have to be smart and switched on to enjoy. i hope lots of though goes into it.

    i wonder who the host will be? ed phillips? larry?

  4. the part that i am most interested in is who will be the host? surely not aok he is so cliche. last i remember ed phillips is still unsigned, people seem to like him. larry and burges are also good.

    or they could try something new, a newsreader? watching the good friday appeal the other day rebecca maddern could handle it well, as could rhys ulchic (supermodel winner), hamish McLaughlin (game day AFL), or paul o’brien or luke jacobz (home and away – could follow tim Campbell’s footsteps), and then there’s always hugh sheridan, who seems to be the next big thing.

  5. @ Chris M: No, Rob Brough is coming down from QLD to film a new-look Family Feud. I didn’t actually mind Bert’s FF – would have been better if Bert wasn’t on it though, I think that’s what ruined it for Nine.

  6. Please be celebrity Gladiators. I’d love to see Kochie run the gauntlet and get absolutely totalled. Heck, the female gladiators would still total him. Now that would be entertainment. Amazon standing over Kochie after smashing him haha.

    Yes, I know Gladiators isn’t a gameshow – I’m just dreaming of what could be…

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