Nicely done at 5:30

dondYesterday Nine amended its title from Millionaire Hot Seat to the shorter Hot Seat, a sign that there are is still fine-tuning going on as a big battle looms at 5:30pm.

For its part, Seven has added a second $200,000 “double shot” case to the long running Deal or No Deal.

“All of those shows have been hosted by fabulous folk and all are super little formats in their own right, but we are still here so we can’t let a new challenge worry us,” says Andrew O’Keefe. “We truly expected that they (Nine) would try and come to us with something a bit stronger than Antiques Roadshow and they have.”

Both network game show hosts are on the hustings in the lead up to an important week.

“With Millionaire, you start with the best quiz show that’s ever been on television – it’s the big hitter,’’ Eddie McGuire says.

“You don’t want to diminish what the show is. Everything that’s great about the original show is still there. With the new half-hour show, we’ve refined the lifelines and put a time limit on the first 14 questions (leading up to the million-dollar question). Whole new elements come in play. Every night a nice big chunk of cash is going into someone’s pocket.”

This isn’t the first time Deal has gone head to head with Millionaire at 5:30pm. In 2004 the shows competed at  for just nine episodes.

Asked how he thinks the show will perform against its opposition this time, McGuire says: “I play to win every time. Never, at any stage, am I going to be worried about the opposition. We are backing ourselves in.”



  1. Which show do you think will rate higher?

    I’m assuming Millionaire will rate higher the first night, since people will want to see the new format.

    But I’ll say that Deal will probably quickly jump higher in the figures, especially since the “Double Shot” is about to begin.

    Just so people know, I watch Deal at 5:30, and I ain’t gonna let no other show replace it in my schedule….even one of my former favourites.

    Hey David, could I ask, what does Deal usually rate around anyway?

    • You can check for yourself in Ratings posts.

      But don’t be deceived, it’s not a case of Deal v Hot Seat. It’s actually Deal v Hot Seat (minus Brisbane) + Extra. Ratings figures don’t always reflect when shows air.

  2. What about those new Double Shot Sneak Peek promos?

    In these promos Andrew’s talking about DoND: DS as if it were the second coming of jesus.

  3. as always David, you bring us a balanced article, but then its spoilt by the pro 9 and the Pro 7 people… its sad….I dont know if it will work, but i will give it a go and see what happens….

  4. I can’t imagine five days of Millionaire is going to work in that slot, hot seat or the more regular format. It’s a once-a-week type of show, not a once a day. If they couldn’t make wheel of fortune work in the 5:30pm slot (5pm in Brisbane), why do nine think that hot seat will?

  5. we keep being reminded that millionaire is “the best quiz show that’s ever been on television”. there sure will be some red faces if it flops in a big way like last time.

    it’s “the best quiz show that’s ever been on television” and they still muck it up. 🙂

  6. the question i am itching for eddie to answer is:
    “it was a spectacular flop last time. do you think the new rules are enough to turn it into a sucess?”
    i’d like to see him arrogant-talk his way out of that.

    also another thing i thought of is that 9 said reason temptation was never tried at 5:30 was because people do not want a high brainwork quiz show that early in the day. why the change of heart with millionaire? it is a much more brainworky show.

  7. A humble comment by Andrew and a typically arrogant one by Eddie. He may be a liked by ‘The Boys Club’ but McGuire has no idea how to communicate and appeal to the viewing public.

    When will Nine learn? I know, when the Receivers arrive.

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