Nine to Twist and Shout

music-notesThe Nine Network has optioned the format for Twist and Shout, a one-hour musical talent show which involves eight acts going head to head in four musical duels.

Each contestant tries to sing or play their best for two minutes without stopping, while a range of acts are done to throw them off -anything from an ice-water plunge to singing upside down. A jury decides the winner of each duel but the studio audience votes at the end to decide who will become this week’s champions.

Matthieu Porte, the head of format sales for Denmark’s Zodiak Entertainment, commented, “We’re delighted to have signed an option deal today with Nine in Cannes for this high-impact format. Many of the hit formats of recent times have begun their success story in one or two territories before becoming global hits, such as Survivor in Scandinavia where it became a huge success. I am confident that Twist & Shout will similarly prove to be a hit in Asia and Australia, before launching to a worldwide audience.”

Last year Nine optioned rights for Zodiak’s Born to be Wild with senior choir singers but the show is yet to eventuate.

Source: C21, World Screen

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  1. Echoes previous comments – looks like a dog of a show.
    Any clue on likely host ? Jules Lund looks like no longer flavour of the month*and he was hopeless anyway), so odds on Matthew Newton gets gig or Tim Campbell again.

  2. Nine what are you doing? come on more comedy or drama not cheap shows like this are you so far removed from what your audience wants? stupid stupid stuff.

  3. what 9 needs is long term Australian hits. they have very few.

    why do they waste their money on these types of shows when the chances of it getting a 2nd season is so slim.
    it looks like it will target the wipeout/hole in the wall audience which are very limited.

  4. it sounds like a segment from ellen or something. i would think it might be an interesting watch once and then not entertaining or funny ever again. like *cringe* hole in the wall

    things like this should be left as a one-off footy show segment and nothing more.

  5. Oh dear.

    Nine, can’t you just licence some of those neato Italian soft-porn wet-and-wild-and-boobs shows and be done with it already?

    “High impact format”. Oh, the unintentional comedy.

    Matthieu Porte might need a reminder that Survivor is a British invention, by the way.

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