Opening of an envelope

Who are the names publicists want at their opening nights and why are they so important?

dmksWhen it comes to opening nights and A list events, there are some celebrities who are prized by event organisers. They are selective about which invites they will accept, and their attendance can communicate a show or event to their fanbase.

“Dannii Minogue and her boyfriend (English model) Kris Smith are very hot property right now because – and I think this is true of most A-list celebrities – they aren’t at the opening of an envelope,” PR consultant Kate Keane told the Sunday Age.

“Dannii is overseas most of the year, so when she is here she’s hot property. The same with Eric and Rebecca Bana and Geoffrey Rush. Jane Turner and Gina Riley don’t go out a lot, so if they do attend your event, it’s almost as if they’re giving their approval. Hamish and Andy are fantastic because they have such a huge following. Rove is quite selective about where he goes and I would consider him to be A list. Warnie makes a great guest because he is so popular and controversial, although sometimes he won’t be photographed.”

Michelle Stamper, Channel Nine Melbourne’s head of publicity and marketing, says she cautions the network’s stars against going out too often and being seen too frequently in the media.

“You don’t want them going to the opening of an envelope because in the end it dilutes their value,” she says.

“Attending every opening and event is not the road to a long and successful career. As meteoric as your rise may be, it can very quickly fall. You want longevity in this industry. If you look at people like Catriona Rowntree and Livinia Nixon who have been around a long time, they’re very successful but you don’t see them at every event.”

One television insider says those who become better known for partying than their craft rarely survive long.

“In the end they’re just known for being great champagne and canape consumers and getting their head in the social pages. There are always going to be people who desperately seek fame, but those people are quickly found out. Their talent does not outshine their partying ability.”

Source: The Age

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  1. Is it just me or are the Red Carpet activities more interesting than the main events these days?! At least they only go for 30 mins.

    Hearing some speech from some B-grade star in a C-grade show after winning an award that means nothing (no-one knows how it was decided) gets more meaningless by the year… Good on Dannii for not wasting her time.

  2. Someone should tell the producers of The Biggest Loser to rein in some of their so called celebrities – those two trainers seem to be on every red carpet its embarrassing while AJ whatever her name is, also has a habit of appearing at every party – if we are talking about ‘losers’ look no further than these three!

  3. No real surprise to see Dannii on the list!
    People don’t realise but when she goes to an event in Australia it makes the papers in the UK – so if Dannii is wearing a local designer (ie her fave J’Aton) they will get international exposure & thats a fantastic thing for our local designers!
    Dannii is a judge on UK X Factor which is the biggest show on tv there, it’s a shame we don’t get UK X factor here – 7 should buy it & put it on when Australian Idol is on – its sooo much better!

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