Remembering Bea

Here's a rare photo of Bea Arthur sitting beside one Joan Kirner.

beaa1The passing of Bea Arthur on the weekend reminded me of her appearance in Australia during the mid 1990s (I think!) for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

I was at a Press Conference for the launch at which Golden Girls‘ Arthur appeared. Even there she was a class act, with just a few select quotes keeping journalists hooked.

I thought it might be nice to publish this photo, in which she sat beside the Victorian Premier at the time, one Joan Kirner.

Also at the launch was Tiny Tim and ventriloquist David Strassman. What an odd collection it turned out to be!

Sadly, I didn’t see Arthur’s act at the time, but I did end up with a thankyou card written to her from the Comedy Festival that she left apparently behind.

As others have said, “thankyou for bein’ a friend”, Bea!

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