Returning: Earl, Family Guy, Bones. Airdate: 10 Years Younger, Ponderland, Billy Connolly

ponderland460Seven has announced airdates for its remaining post-Easter shows.

Sun Apr 19
7:30pm Border Security USA.
8:00pm The Force
8:30pm Bones “He and She”
9:30pm Beyond the Darklands

Tue Apr 21
8:30pm All Saints
9:30pm 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Wed Apr 22
9:30pm My Name is Earl
10:00pm Family Guy
10:30pm Russell Brand’s Ponderland
11:00pm Lost

Saturday April 25
6:30pm Billy Connolly’s Journey to the Edge of the World

Border Security USA
is an edited version of the American show as 30 minutes narrated by Grant Bowler.

Beyond the Darklands moves to Sundays and Lost pushes back to an 11pm start.


  1. oh god, now an even later timeslot. thankfully i have a later start for school the next day otherwise i might not be able to watch it. good to see earl and family guy back. Still no word on reaper i guess?

  2. YAY Bones season 4 is finally making a come back!!!

    as for lost… i am very dissapointed by the timeslot! i have to wake at 5:30am the next morning so unless i want 5 1/2 hours sleep i will have to tape it and then no doubt i will fall very far behind… but im not going to stop watching it now!!!

  3. Good point Belinda. The flow would be much better. Though i guess 7 want to keep Criminal Minds in that slot, as it has cemented itself as timeslot winner there.

  4. Seven should have switched Bones and Criminal Minds. Bones is a bit lighter (as far as crime procedurals go) so it would blend in better with the surrounding comedies.

  5. What a brilliant Wednesday night line up. I don’t even mind that Lost is pushed to 11 if it means I get to watch a few lighter shows rather than the darker show Beyond the darklands. Looking foward to new eps of Family Guy.

  6. While I’m glad someone’s trying sitcoms in the 9.30 hour because personally I think the whole sitcoms at 7.30 obsession by Australian networks has caused more failures than success stories, but I’m dissappointed with Seven’s treatment of Lost – they dropped the show in Northern States just when the answers started coming in (end of season 3) and then gave it a bullet to the head in the form of that Glenn Robbins shite at the start of it’s fourth season.

    Now its getting bumped for Russell Brand??? Personally I don’t mind cuz I’ll stay up anyway but the programmers at Seven should be ashamed – this is the kind of thing Nine used to do.

  7. Channel 7 have so many comedies that they could take a whole night for comedy. And it would still not be enough, but it could be something like this:

    7:30pm – How I Met Your Mother
    8:00pm – Scrubs
    8:30pm – My Name Is Earl
    9:00pm – Samantha Who?
    9:30pm – Family Guy
    10:00pm – American Dad
    10:30pm – Russell Brand’s Ponderland

    Sure, not much variety, but I sure would be watching the whole night, lol.

  8. lost at 11:00 isn’t too bad. most of us were predicting it to go strait to 11:30 at the beginning of the year. no one thought it would last this long.

    i’m not sure about other states but in vic, seasons 1-3 were shown all at 8:30, season 4 was shown mostly at 9:30. 4 eps at 10:30 then a 2 hour final back at 9:30.

  9. The Earl show is facing cancellation in the US, due to declining US ratings, but Fox who own it, could take it to their own network if NBC cancel it.
    You can’t really blame Seven with Lost (that’s having its final season next year), as what should’ve really been a 3 or 4 season show only, has stretched the patience of most viewers, so of course only the most patient and fanatical fans of it, are going to last the distance with it. Family Guy will go on for as long (or for even longer) as The Simpsons, that’s been made for the money by everyone concerned, since 1999.

  10. @brodie: yeh that’s probably true, i was confused between the time changes for seasons 2 & 3.

    I guess I shouldn;t be too mad at 7. If this show was on channels 9 or 10 then it wouldn’t have moved to 11pm, it would have moved completely off their schdedule.

  11. @ Paull, I haven’t followed Lost religiously, but wasn’t Lost on at 8.30 for seasons 1 – 3 (though I think the third season was moved to 9.30 in Syd/Bris for a period.)

  12. Let’s look at a brief history of lost’s time slots.

    Season 1: 830pm
    Season 2: 830pm moved to 930pm
    Season 3: 930pm
    Season 4: 930pm but quickly moved to 1030pm
    Season 5: 1030pm moved to 11pm
    Season 6: 11pm moving hastily to 12:30am

  13. Yeh 7, you have completely lost touch with viewers.
    11pm!!! Are you serious? First with 24, and now Lost!!! You know I haven’t watched a 24 episode in 3 weeks because I got sick of the 11pm time slot.
    Seven, you’ve just made me give up on another quality show and wait for dvd release.

  14. I gave up on 24 when they shoved that to 11pm. Half an hour makes a difference to me. And now it seems i might as well just download Lost. Seven you screwed up the show, not the other way round.

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