Returning: Hannah Montana

Lock up your tweens, Miley Cyrus is a-comin' back with new episodes.

hannah-montanaLock up your tweens, Miley Cyrus is a-comin’ back with new episodes.

Hannah Montana returns with episode two of the third series “Ready, Set, Don’t Drive” on Saturday April 18 as part of Saturday Disney from 7am.

The episode aired in the US in November last year.

It has already aired on the Disney Channel in Oz, but this is its first run on Free to Air.

The infinitely popular Cyrus says she won’t be doing any more Hannah movies. Probably because she’s all grown up now.

Either that or she’s still trying to figure out how to take down Radiohead after they ignored her at the Grammy Awards.

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  1. I would not be surprised if 7’s only doing this due to the upcoming feature film.

    I have seen ads at my local cinema (which is opposite my local bowling alley, so you can’t miss the cardboard ads!) for a upcoming Hannah Montana film.

    It is due to come out on June 25 in Australia (in time for our winter holidays), with the American release happening April 10 (with the film being released at Easter).

  2. I’m no Miley Cyrus fan but Radiohead are awful, quite a pretentious bunch of people. Their fans are even worse, they all think they’re so “indie” because they listen to an awful band which is actually one of the most popular bands in the world.

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