Returning: Heroes

heroes-season3Maybe it’s because Hayden Panettiere has been in the country. Maybe it’s because it’s well overdue.

Either way, Seven is finally bringing Heroes back.

It returns at 10:30pm Thursday April 23rd with the episode “A Clear and Present Danger.”

These episodes comprise the “Fugitives” chapter of the NBC drama, as the second part of the third season.

Heroes is a show that really needs to be fastracked to work -these eps began airing in the US in February.

At least it’s not quite as long as we had to wait for that other unfinished season. That did all our heads in.


  1. Looks like the line-up for my Thursday night viewing on 7 will soon be Ghost Whisperer, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice & Heroes.

  2. It’s about time the Seven Network as Heroes back on the small screen, but the 10.30 time slot not the best time. I’ve seen Episodes 1 to 8 of Volume 4 Fugitives and it’s worth watching, heps better then Volume 3 Villans.

  3. Wow, it took 7 this long? Have been watching it from US (now up to eps 21) and it is great from the bizarre twists of last year, stick with it Heroes fans, you;ll be impressed!

  4. I gave up on this show and wll just buy the series dvds as they come out I refuse to play hide and seek with shows I have interest in

    My FTA viewing just consists of Des Housewives and Lost these days

  5. Just want to say this first, before my direct reply to the topic: When is Prison Break coming back? I know it airs soon in america, I just hope we don’t have to wait until the summer, or have it aired at 430am in the morning (which seems to be the trend for seven and the shows they no longer like, but don’t want to waste their money completely so they air them at a ridiculous time instead).

    man heroes is soo boring now days, i liked season 1, and even season 2, but now it’s lost me, not from confusion, but more boredom, nothing happens.
    That said, there isn’t too much exciting on tv now days, and seeing as I’ve watched every episode aired on 7 so far, i might as well tape it and see if it picks up.

  6. well it’s not often that a summer filler gets an upgrade back into ratings.

    damn i will miss my scubs thursday fix. surely heroes is at the 11:00 level by now.

  7. this is a surprise. i was expecting it to come back in summer. and at 10:30! i was sure there would at least be a scrubs repeat before it at 10:30.

    i think i would prefer scrubs though.

  8. @RichoTB: re: download record: Wonder if 7 are aware of that – or even care… it’s one of those shows that is not going to get 1.5mil in ratings, but if you love it, you love it, and has a huge following of very loyal fans.

    I personally have never downloaded due to low internet plan, but will admit, Heroes is the only show I have ever looked into downloading for.

  9. Heroes is the most downloaded show in the world, it was in the Guiness World Records. And the majority of those downloads come from Aus and the UK. Seven are a part of this (holding over those 2 Generations eps for 9 months was a truly illogical move)

    Too little too late, Seven. They got rid of a lot of characters this volume which is a shame IMO as I was one of the few who liked the massive amount of characters + storylines in Villains, but its still decent and a lot better than season 2. Although the first ep of this volume (S3E14: A Clear and Present Danger) is a bit weak and slow, if you continue to watch this volume it gets better.

  10. yay thanks david, hayden did an interview on sunrise where koshy mentioned at the end that it would be back after easter, but we didn’t know when exactly so good to know, especially since he stuffed up the interview with masi and milo ages ago and clearly had no idea when heroes was on so i wasn’t going to just take his word for it.

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