Returning: Kyle XY

The third and final season of the boy without the belly button airs late in May.

kxyThe boy without the belly button, Kyle (Matt Dallas) will return next month to FOX8.

The third and final season of Kyle XY debuted in the US in January.

UPDATED: FOX 8 advises the first title of Series 3 in Australia is ‘To C.I.R., with Love’, adding that what is known in the US as Series 2 is labelled in Australia as Series 3 – however nothing is shown on air out of order.

But because the series finale was shot well before news of its cancellation news, it ended unresolved. Following the last episode, writer Julie Plec revealed what had been planned for further seasons.

It returns 7:30pm Thursday May 28th.

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  1. ok so iv bought season 1 and 2 on dvd, season 2 has 13eps in the set. which means they’re probably going to make it out that the final 10 eps of season 2 are season 3 and season 3 will be labeled season 4… hope that made sense to someone else but me.

  2. It appears that FOX8 started screening Kyle XY again each weekday at 9am from this Monday, starting with the first episode of Season 1. I assume they will also screen those episodes from Season 2 that have not yet been broadcast, before commencing Season 3.

  3. S2 is one of those US split seasons where there’s a number of months’ lag between the first half of the season, and the second half of the season. Stargate Atlantis used to do it a lot.

    I think that’s wherein the confusion lies…but Fox8 definitely still have the remaining eps of S2 to show before moving into the official S3. Hopefully the realise that or there are going to be some very confused Kyle XY fans out there.

    Surprisingly, all the eps of S2 are already out on DVD…I kind of thought they might have had to wait before Fox8 showed all of S2 as is usually the case with DVD release rights…but great for those boxset collecting fans all the same.

  4. Any chance of “season 3” actually being the remainder of season 2 and season 3 being shown together in this run in one lot because it would be really irritating if we were go straight to season 3 without finishing season 2.

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