Returning: Numb3rs, Rules of Engagement, Criminal Intent

numb3rsSo many changes coming to TEN programming it is quite a refresh of its weeknight guide.

Sun May 3
6:30pm Merlin
7:30pm Masterchef Australia
9:00pm Movie: Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
10:45pm The Office

Mon May 4
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
8:00pm Recruits premiere
8:30pm Good News Week
9:30pm Supernatural series return

Tue May 5
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
7:30pm Talkin Bout Your Generation premiere
8:30pm NCIS
9:30pm Lie to Me

Wed May 6
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
8:00pm All New Simpsons
8:30pm House
9:30pm Numb3rs premiere

Thu May 7
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
7:30pm Rules of Engagement series return
8:00pm Bondi Vet finale
8:30pm Law & Order Criminal Intent series return
9:30pm Medium

Fri May 8
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
7:30pm The Simpsons
8:30pm Law & Order dbl ep
10:30pm Life on Mars (updated: Now as from May 1)


  1. @ Craig – only a few eps remaining of Life on Mars and the ratings are dwindling.
    @ Andrew B, ryan, travis – Rove taking a week off for the Logies.
    @ Belinda – SVU replacing House is possible, although Rush may take the slot.

  2. Actually looks like some solid moves, but I’m surprised they’re making so many changes in the one week, they’ll have to start pumping out the promos now!

    The Medium switch has been in the offing for a few weeks now I think, at least they are leaving series on the Friday night

    I don’t mind them subbing SVU with CI – CI was a solid performer last year and now that there’s some eps in the bag they’re probably keen to get them out there, Numb3rs on Wednesdays is a little more surprising – and no word on Harper’s Island?

    Of course this whole sked really hinges on one show – Masterchef! Hope it works out for them!

  3. And to think this time last year we were [I was] all excited and pumped about a new series of Big Bro… 😐

    And all we get this year is some sh***y overly saturated make-me-a-chef -superstar program…

    *yawn* Give me 14 weeks of people watching any day…

  4. I don’t really undertstand why Ten decided to remove SVU, Criminal Intent pulls very similar numbers to SVU, they would’ve been better playing out SVU then bringing in CI.

    Maybe Numbers should’ve been held till Lie to Me Finishes which doesn’t have that many episodes left in the season, that way it can benefit from NCIS as a leadin.

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