Rumour mill: Fergo for arvos?

markfergusonThe rumour mill is back on Nine’s afternoon schedule with suggestions Sydney weekend newsreader Mark Ferguson could co-host a one-hour news magazine show.

Even Andrew Daddo’s name is being touted as a possible co-host for a 4.30pm show with Ferguson, potentially followed by Millionaire Hot Seat.

The network was piloting “a whole lot of game shows”, a spokeswoman said.

The hour-long news program was expected to have begun shooting pilot episodes this month, but this is believed to have been delayed until June, claims

Thirty episodes of the half hour Millionaire Hot Seat are believed to have been given the go-ahead. But there are whispers the show works best as a short-run series.

Meanwhile, rumours persist that TEN is planning to extend its 5pm news by half an hour

When TV Tonight last sought clarity on this rumour weeks ago, a TEN spokesperson denied any knowledge, merely saying there were always rumours.



  1. When will they learn? Don’t mess with The Simpsons at 6. No matter how badly it rates whatever replaces it always rates worse.

    Taken Out, Friends, Will and Grace, Bold and the Beautiful – Ha!

  2. so can we assume the lavinia nixon and eddie show is completely gone. there were convincing rumours i’m not sure if i’ve seen any confirmation yet.

    are they seriously considering putting millionaire at 5:30? first of all i am dissapointed that it is not the hour format and secondly, they’ve tried it before and it was a spectacular flop, and this time round DOND is stronger than ever.

    as for the news/mag/CA show for late afternoon. i think that this will be an idea that is thrown around for years and never makes it off the ground. i mean they’ve been talking about it for almost a year already and it doesn’t seem like anything is going to happen soon.

  3. Putting the news to 6:30 isn’t a bad idea. It could improve their lowly 6-7pm schedule. And to keep Simpsons fans happy they could put it at 5pm. Problem solved.

  4. Regarding extending Ten News to 6.30pm: According to Yahoo7 TV Guide, Ten News will be shown in Melbourne only from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Easter Monday (April 13), due to the AFL. Will it be a one-off or a sign of things to come? (In country Victoria the news will be aired at the normal time of 5pm to 6pm)

  5. Ten need to do something with their news’ timeslot. Its a decent performer and could help prop up the more if it carries 900K through the 6pm half hour.

    But 90 mins is long; I suggest starting Ten news at 5.30-6.30, Bold can go in at 5 and I’m sure Ten could just put The Doctors back in a new daytime slot so it and Dr Phil can both be aired. Problem solved.

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