Seven’s Guide to Good Life

gtglAnother lifestyle show is in production for Seven, Guide to the Good Life.

Sponsored by Australian Pensioners Insurance, this one is aimed at older Australians, looking at  travel, health, motoring and food.

Colette Mann has just completed stories on a caravan rally in Whyalla in South Australia and another on a ‘seachange couple’ in McLaren Vale.

The pair enjoyed a few hours’ break in Victor Harbor while their cameraman flew up to the Murray Mouth in a helicopter filming the south coast from the air (pictured).

Producer Mark Bayly said, “The presenters are very hands-on and get in and immerse themselves, not just observe and commentate.”

Mann described the people she had met as, ‘the salt of the earth.’

“Last week I was in Melbourne, training with a mature aged woman preparing to climb Kilimanjaro,” she said (no indication of whether she was to climb the mountain too -that would really be immersing yourself in the story).

Andrew Gaze and Mark Skaife would present health and motoring segments on the new show.

Like many sponsored lifestyle shows on commercial television, this one will air on Sunday arvos at 5.00pm from May 31st.

Source: The Times


  1. Guiding Lights

    What a great idea, real presenters of an age where they actually have some experience of life, not the 18 year olds that we are all sick of looking at who show no passion for what they are doing. I would assume that with the calibre of talen the article mentions it won’t have that Advertorial/Postcards look.

  2. I assume the 5pm timeslot is for NSW, ACT and Queensland following the AFL broadcast. Here in Victoria the AFL will be on Sundays from 3pm to 6pm, so Seven will need to find another timeslot for the program. Say Saturday 5pm?

  3. Followed by your local advertorial…

    But seriously, it won’t attract the audience then…

    It would be better placed at 6:30 at night, on analogue, while digital viewers watched Sunday Night!

    I dont think Coxy would be pleased…

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