Shane Crawford, spiderbait.

sc3It wasn’t particularly relevant to football, but that’s never stopped the AFL Footy Show before. And crazy stunts have never stopped cast members of the show either, including Shane Crawford who had 153 large golden orb spiders placed on his body, beating the world record of 125.

Crawford’s stunt lands him an official Guinness World Record. A regional football club got $10,000 for his efforts.





For Crawford it wasn’t the worst news of the day with Nine dropping plans for his World’s Funniest Videos clip show earlier today.


  1. I watched Shane and the spiders.
    You could see he was very nervous and his nervous system did well to keep from panic.
    I like spiders, but no way mate.
    Sam was a bit naughty with the pepper.
    The guiness blokes messed up a bit by clumping the spiders altogether,
    Shane, you were a braver man than me gungudin.
    100 points for you Shane, a footy club has a head start because of you.
    Most generous of you.
    Lorraine, Barooga

  2. Most of the spiders were just clumped together, I expected them to be crawling all over Shane. I was a bit dissapointed with this attempt. Mind you there is no way I would have done this. Well done Shane.

  3. David, it’s World’s Funniest *Videos*, not World’s Funniest Commercials – there were no commercials (apart from the paid ones) in Shane Crawford’s programme. You’ll also need to amend your ‘If it’s Tuesday…’ article, too.

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