Sit Down, Bump Off

FOX downgrades its new Aussie-inspired animated comedy to a new timeslot after just 2 weeks.

sit-down-shut-upAfter just two episodes, FOX has bumped the US animated adaptation of Aussie sitcom Sit Down, Shut Up from its 8:30pm timeslot that followed The Simpsons.

From next week it moves to 7pm -a low-rated hour that’s only considered “primetime” on Sundays.

The remaining episodes of the final season of King of the Hill will take its place.

Despite the strong voice cast and Mitch Hurwitz on board, the show was panned by the critics as “basic and banal.”

Few acknowledged that even in its original form it didn’t work in Australia either.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Without a doubt the worst animated series I have seen in a while — an unfunny mess made all the more insulting by the fact that Hurwitz turned down Showtime’s offer to save Arrested Development to make it.

  2. There’s a real flaw in the style of animation. There’s no life or movement to it. Way too static that it just doesn’t work in more than a short format, and it really restricts the writing of the show.

  3. Bah!!! First ep was weak (as all establishing pilots are) but 2nd ep was getting there. Had me laughing a fair bit!

    Bloody Fox. They don’t know what they’re doing. Bring back Arrested Development!!

  4. ok watched the first 2 eps of this & although not super funny its not the worst animated show on tv , lol bit of a giggle & a way to kill 21mins but its sure no simpsons or family guy .
    worth a watch but it wasnt ever gunna make it past 1 season anyway
    and give me the life & times of tim anyday lol.

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