Sky News to switch to widescreen

skynews“Good news everyone!*” Sky News is preparing to broadcast in 16:9 widescreen with a prospective launch date of Sunday April 26th.

That will certainly be a pleasant change from the 4:3 ratio currently screened on Foxtel, Austar and Optus TV.

Sky News is owned and operated by Australian News Channel Pty Ltd – a joint venture of British Sky Broadcasting, PBL Media and Seven Media Group.

Australian-Media notes that date may be pushed back if internal preparations take longer to complete than expected.

*apologies to Futurama.



  1. @craig as far as i know there is nothing prevent skynews being available on digital fta it’s just they they haven’t decided to, although hopefully one day down the track it will, would be a good idea

  2. I gotta say, SkyNews is one of the best news services we have IMO… It’s very much Ten News-esque in it’s longer format, and is far more enjoyable to watch than, say, Nine News. It has an aura of credibility about it.

  3. Not before time. As others have also pointed out here, they really need to have Sky News Active at full screen.

    As a side note, what would be the chances of getting Sky News as part of freeview like it is in the UK? Or is freeview restricted to 7,9,10, ABC, SBS in Australia?

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