The very scholarly Kerry O’Brien

kerry-obrien-degreeLast month veteran ABC reporter Kerry O’Brien received an honorary doctorate from the Queensland University of Technology recognising his public contribution over the past 40 years. It is his only university qualification.

“The truth is I’ve done a job over 40 years as opportunities have been presented to me I’ve taken them. My university was the university of hard knocks,” he said.

Since his cadetship with the Nine Network in 1966 he has interviewed many former international leaders including Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Michel Gorbachev and Colin Powell.

O’Brien said he looked back fondly on his time with This Day Tonight, the nation’s first daily current affairs television program, and Lateline.

But he didn’t indicate how long he would stay with 7:30 Report.

“My life’s an open road. I guess when it’s time for me to move on to something else I’ll know. I hope I know it before others do.”

Source: Brisbane Times


  1. bernie's wife

    Absolutely right that the guy is a leftwing douchebag and what’s worse is that we’re paying for the p***k to help run the media wing of the ALP.

  2. The Guy is one of the few working legends in TV. His interview style is great. He is able to cut throgh BS better than anyone. His presentation is subtle and calm. Down the barrell his delivery to the camera is an intimate voice into our homes. He is ballanced and critical to all sides of politics and does what a godd journalist should do which is ask the tough question and relevenet questions. I hope for many years ahead we can enjoy him on at 7:30.

  3. Kerry O’Brien has become a pathetically biased and annoying interviewer. Every time he interviews a non-labor politician he always tries to throw them off with irrelevant and speculative questions that contribute nothing to the discussion at hand. Even Malcolm Turnbull has a go at him a few weeks ago for his inane line of questioning. The guy is a left-wing douchebag.

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