Tina Arena answers Idol questions

tinaa1Last year Tina Arena was a guest judge on Australian Idol, which followed some criticism from her years earlier. At the time many were wondering if she had backtracked on her earlier comments.

In her upcoming special An Audience with Tina Arena she takes questions from a celebrity audience.

One of those questions visits the apparent Idol contradictions and how it compares with her former Young Talent Time.

Young Talent Time was a TV show that was way before reality TV shows. Before people would see the entire process of everything. And what you see is not always necessarily what you get.

“The era of innocence and beauty and purity and honourable intentions is really gone.”

Arena says many teenagers now want to become pop stars because of reality television.

“It’s instilled something that’s not actually correct. Being a star is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of years it’s a lot of heartache.

“My beef today is please don’t misrepresent what is truly required for somebody. I don’t care, do what you like, knock yourself out. But I don’t like the misrepresentation,” she asserts.

“And the reason why I did Idol is because I’m in a position now at this stage of my life, in my early 40s, where I have amassed so much information. It’s my duty to pass it on. I have something to give these kids, and I want to give it to them, I’m ready to give it to them, it they’re prepared to listen.”

The show airs 8:30pm Saturday on Biography.


  1. Tina is Australia’s Judy Garland!
    Huge fan of Judy Garland! Hit the keys to quick.
    Tina’s voice reminds me of her!
    Look forward to Tina’s version of “Some Where Over The Rainbow!”
    Billy Thorpe’s version is Great!
    Looking forward to Tina having a hit with same song!

  2. Derrick, there was nothing in the 2-word first comment that contravened this site’s Comments Policy and there will always be detractors and supporters of TV faces. It’s not my role to tell people who to like.

    People are here because they are passionate, positive or negative, about television and its various brands as this post clearly shows. It’s when people get into slagging each other and moving off the topic that I find problematic.

  3. Derrick Gavin Lam

    The airing of the Audience With Tina Arena has been successful with people giving her a standing ovation. It was lovely to see how many people adore her.


    You know the one who is being hostile and the negativity it brings doesn’t give out a positive image of this blog, let alone the very first comment shouldn’t have been approved.

  4. In conclusion…..To quote Winston Churchill – “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”.

  5. If there’s nothing else to contribute other than insulting one another I might as well close off the comments for this post.

    Those also attempting to post under different IDs should also check this site’s Comments Policy.

  6. Derrick Gavin Lam

    “Biography needs a slap then.”

    Nice! Someone who is running out of things to say.

    There you have it. For someone who isn’t intelligent enough to carry an argument.


  7. Derrick Gavin Lam

    “What achievements??? A tin-pot medal from the French? An ex-Talentitime-talent. Wow. You’re right, please forgive me.”

    There’s more actually so get your facts straight! I mean more! An honour from the French community? Hell yeah, something you couldn’t even get close to having. No pun intended but I think some hater like you should be out and posting at some other else’s topic. As if Tina could lose something out of your daggy comments.

    “Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you (Derrick)…Tomorrow I’ll miss you…..”

    Nah, I get this everyday from people, so reserve your kiss for somebody else.

  8. Me thinks Derrick is related too… or just patheticly obsessed.

    “I salute Tina for bringing up her explanation again. Australian Idol? Please! This show hasn’t produced international stars yet, let alone being close to Tina’s achievements.”

    What achievements??? A tin-pot medal from the French? An ex-Talentitime-talent. Wow. You’re right, please forgive me. Shall go out tomorrow and buy Tina Arena’s Greatest Hits. I never though I’d have need of a cd-single.

    (Ebay selling it for .99 cents – Think I’ll wait until it gets cheaper…..10 cents in the US…surely I can get it cheaper than that….. .05 cents including a personal appearance from Tina (including airfares)…mmmm. Nahhhhh….think I’ll read Debbie Byrne’s biography of the real story of the talent within JY’s Talent Time.)

    Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you (Derrick)…Tomorrow I’ll miss you…..

  9. Tony, Annie A, Steele, Callas,

    I find it amusing that after what Tina has said and actually reading what she has to say, you guys refuse to admit that she has a point.

    This Idol criticism has been dead for a long time and I salute Tina for bringing up her explanation again.

    Australian Idol? Please! This show hasn’t produced international stars yet, let alone being close to Tina’s achievements.

    Intense in interviews? I’d rather have that than someone who is all sympathetic and two-faced! Tina is just being true. I believe the ones who are ridiculing her are the ones who are.

    Bite your tongues!

  10. I agree Shavron.

    I also agree that Tina can come across as rather intense in interviews, but she has an incredible voice and has been a success here and Overseas. She is one of the few people who’s still selling out venues after being in the public eyes for about 35 years.

  11. Why all the hostility towards Tina? She makes a great point. She has a lot of wisdom to pass along to today’s up and coming musicians. I also disagree with the notion that she will do whatever to be in the spotlight. She’s doing pretty well for herself in numerous countries. If anything at all, it is her fans around the world that keep her in the spotlight. She makes beautiful music that transcends different cultures and nationalities. She’s spread a lot of goodwill on behalf of Australia in France, which has earned her the French Order Of Merit. She’s a phenomenal woman of great poise, character, and spirit.

  12. i find Tina to be really ‘intense’ when being interviewed.. to the point i have to either cringe or turn the channel when she goes on and on and on….

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