When Chantal meets Simon & Maggie

ccIf you remember the name Chantal Contouri this could be one for you…

In the 1970s Greek-Australian actress Contouri was a leading light on Australian soaps. Her most famous roles include Number 96‘s notorious “panty-hose strangler” and the very poised Melina on The Sullivans.

She performed in Skyways, All the Rivers Run, Alvin Purple and Chopper Squad and also won a role on General Hospital.

These days she is more likely to be found preparing a Greek barbeque in her parents’ restaurant than in front of a camera.

On the ABC’s The Cook And The Chef Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer meet up with Contouri for a Greek-inspired barbeque.

It airs Wednesday, 13 May 2009 and will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, May 14 at 5:05pm

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