60 Minutes: May 24

liz-hayesNever let it be said 60 Minutes isn’t versatile. This Sunday it goes from a story on same sex parenting to AC/DC to the editor of Vogue.

Will be interesting to see the tone of the first story which notes two gay parents ‘bought’ their family from a ‘one-stop baby factory in India.’

Two Men and Two Babies
They are not your average suburban couple, but they do have the great Australian dream. A nice house, a big backyard and the kids to play in it. And, a few days ago, their dream really did come true. Pete and Trev are now proud fathers. They’ve just had twins, little girls called Gaia and Evelyn. These days, gay dads aren’t exactly news, but, in their own quiet way, Peter and Trevor are pioneers. They bought their family from a kind of one-stop baby factory in India. Now for a price, virtually anyone, single, married, gay, straight can have children, tailor-made. And what’s more, you can do most of it from the comfort of your own home.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers: Hugh Nailon, Kirsty Thomson

Dirty Deeds
We bet there’ll be a wild stampede Monday morning. That’s when tickets for AC/DC go on sale. And, you’ll have to be quick, because their European tour sold out in ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes. Now, for those who’ve led very sheltered lives, AC/DC is Australia’s most successful rock band. They’ve been around for over 30 years, they’ve sold more than 200 million albums. And the old boys in the band show no signs of slowing down. So, what dirty deeds are they up to these days? Acca Dacca fans will have to wait until next February to find out, but on Sunday night, a tantalising preview of their Black Ice tour from Germany.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Sandra Cleary, Phil Goyen

The Devil Herself
She’s the real devil behind the Devil Wears Prada, the most powerful woman in fashion. Her name is Anna Wintour, a name that strikes terror in some, loathing in others. One of her scathing comments and grown men become quivering wrecks. For 21 years, she’s been the editor of Vogue, the first and last word in sophistication and fantasy. She’s a paparazzi and gossip column magnet. Every twitch, every frown, every icy smile is recorded. Yet the real Anna Wintour is surrounded by an aura of mystery. So Morley Safer, no stranger to withering one-liners himself, went looking for the woman behind the glossy magazine.
Reporter: Morley Safer, CBS 60 Minutes
Producer: Ruth Streeter


  1. Ed I’m not complaining that 60 Minutes has a format, just that it’s format is low-brow television masquerading as current affairs.

  2. 60 minutes has always been tabloid and sensationalist but in a good way, always relevant, interesting, and well produced. but recently especially this year it has decreased in quality so much. and i guess that is why the ratings are down so much.

    these days it is always celebrities, cross-promotion, fashion, or a reporter making a dick of themselves. there is also some “one upping” other networks. seven and SBS have both done stories around the indian baby factories this year, same for the coldplay interview, and shark attack story. and where are the investigations? that is where the real talent is shown, i think there’s only been one all year.

  3. @Homer – Every successful show has a fomat and thus a formula, whether you like it or not…

    This report’ll definately be interesting with the gay fathers…

  4. Never let it be said 60 Minutes isn’t predictable.

    It’s the same every week – a human interest story filled with pathos allowing the reporter to do their best supercilious “noddies” and generate polarised opinions from their largely mom-and-pop audience; a promo story for a new movie or upcoming music tour/album; and an imported celebrity piece/colour story from CBS 60 Minutes.


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