Airdate: Iron Man

iron-man-armored-adventuresABC fastracking a US animated show?

Looks likely.

Iron Man, which started on April 24th in the US (dubbed Iron Man: Armoured Adventures) will premiere in Australia at 4:35pm Wednesday 13th May on ABC1.

Based on the Marvel character co-created by Stan Lee, this television series picks up on the success of the feature film. The series is story edited by showrunner Christopher Yost, who worked on Wolverine and the X-Men, also screening on the ABC.

It follows the adventures of teenage child prodigy Tony Stark, and his alter ego of Iron Man, as he uses his technological inventions to stop villains such as Mandarin and Unicorn.

It got a mixed review from Variety, which said: Misguidedly rewiring Iron Man’s origin story to transform the industrial magnate into a teenage hero a la Spider-Man, the animation and storytelling in “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” looks OK once the title character blasts into action but sputters the rest of the time. As with Marvel’s X-Men spinoff for Nicktoons, the series is loud and lively enough to possess some appeal among young boys, but disappoints in terms of the more ambitious storytelling that characterizes the best recent boy-oriented action entries.


  1. The ABC should have made this series weekly, and not every weekday. Since only half (13 episodes) of the first season will be shown, according to online TV guide at the ABC web site.

  2. They should run the Wolverine and the X-men in the afternoons also instead of the mornings.

    Remember the good days of Fairly Odd Parents, CatDog, Angry Beavers and Hey Arnold?

  3. Yes, unfortunately most of the recent series (Iron Man and Spider-Man) from Marvel suffer from having younger heroes, I don’t know why they feel kids won’t relate to older characters.

    At least Wolverine and the X-Men seems decent so far, although slow to build up an on-story.

    I wish they would show the older 1990s cartoon series (Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spiderman TAS, X-Men TAS) from Marvel again, which are still far better than any recent attempts.

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