Airdate: New Idea TV

tom_williamsFollowing on from reports that Seven has greenlit a television version of its Pacific Magazines New Idea, New Idea TV wastes no time in arriving on screen.

It will premiere at 3pm Monday June 1st.

Presenting the show are Rachel Friend, Fast Ed and Tom Williams for the best in cooking, parenting, beauty, fashion, travel and home hints.


  1. Ten have tried and failed with a daytime magazine/tv show cross promotion back in the ’90s. Anyone remember FCTV (Family Circle Television)? Penny Cook hosted at one stage and Julia Zaetta (then Family Circle editor and now BH&G editor) had a major on screen role.

  2. Personally, I’m not sure if 3pm is the best timeslot, given some mums have to go off to pick up their kids around the same time…2pm would be better, but the Midday Movie varies it finish time.

  3. Don’t you mean

    “7-Home of more magazine cross-promotions and cheesy advertorials”

    (Sorry, fans of Coxy, It’s a reference to the advertorial overload we have on 7 in Queensland.)

  4. @cpandilo, sorry ur right, for some reason i thought otherwise. not sure if ET’s lower ratings are good or bad news for new idea tv. it could mean that there is no audience for such a show, or it could just mean easy competition.

  5. Entertainment Tonight doesnt do too well. In fact i find its ratings disappointing compared to Judge Judy which can get double ETs ratings.

  6. 3:00, it will have tough competition, judge judy and ET do pretty well for their slots.

    slightly off-topic, but that ch9 magazine show like this one with eddie and lavinia. did we ever get 100% clarification that it was cancelled forever or can we just assume that. or is it still on the tables. now that they have that 4:30 news program i doubt it would ever go to 5:30.

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