Airdate: Spectacular!

spectacular_006hrTammin Sursok’s performance in the telemovie Spectacular! can be seen tomorrow night on the Nickelodeon Channel.

Sursok, who graduated from Home and Away to The Young and the Restless, stars in the tween musical film alongside Nolan Gerard Funk (Smallville).

Motivated by the success of High School Musical and Camp Rock, it follows an up and coming teen rocker who has big ambitions to conquer the world with his band, Alloy.

Nickelodeon even says “Get your jazz hands ready” for this one, 6:30pm Saturday.


  1. so she went from successful Australian actress/singer to a loser tween audience with other losers like the Miley Cyrus?

    If that’s what she want…..then all the power to her. Normally people try to get away from that….not into it =P

  2. She actually made a really decent pop single once. Only once, though. I still think she’s got the sexiest smile in the entire entertainment world. I stand to be corrected.

    (By the way, what’s with the “Smallville” with Funk? He was a guest star four long years ago in on episode. It’d be just as accurate to tag him with The L Word, The Dead Zone, Supernatural or Lie To Me… or that fleeting guy in the second X-Man movie)

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