Airdate: The Jonathan Ross Show

jrossshow_468x637Following on from interest in Russell Brand, Seven is bringing UK television host Jonathan Ross to screen with his series The Jonathan Ross Show, or as it is known in the UK, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Seven slates the show at 10:30pm Mondays from June 1st.

It will screen Series Fourteen (January 2008) kicking off with Tom Hanks, Chris Rock, Sylvester Stallone and Reverend & The Makers.

Episodes look like being non-sequential given that a week after it’s Ashton Kutcher, Ronnie Corbett, The Cortinas and, amusingly, Russell Brand.

In October 2008 both Ross and Brand were suspended by the BBC following a radio prank which caused a furore.


  1. Absolutely love Jonathan Ross, used to stay in on Friday nights for it when living in London and its the only show I look forward to on Oz TV.

    Does anyone know why it wasn’t on last night and if seven are bringing it back?!

  2. Stowball, I thought it was quite cleverly edited. Only Tom Hanks and Chris Rock appeared in the same ep and the Sly Stallone appeared in a different ep but they managed to show all 3 appearing to sit together in the background. If only Wossy hadnt changed his tie half way thru.

  3. why wouldnt they show the current series? Mind you after Gavin and Stacey, why do we expect anything sensible? I’ll give it three weeks befre they swap it for something american and predictable

  4. sweet, i’ve seen some of his interviews on youtube and he’s pretty funny, he beats rove any day (no offence to rove, but the show has been pretty boring for the last year or so)

  5. I nearly had a fit when i read tv week and it was mentioned that was screening on Monday,
    Love him! Hopefully it will be a stayer not screen one ep take it off like *cough*gavinandstacy. Can’t wait.

  6. Who remembers ‘The incredibly Strange Film Show” and “The Son of The Incredibly Strange Film Show” from SBS, must be about 20 years ago now?

  7. i love this show its on youtube every week. wossy loves his movies (being host of a weekly movie review show “film 2009”: most of his guests are big movie stars and aussies love their movies. He famously cannot pwonounce his R’s.

  8. This is an interesting choice, guess those rumours about 30 Rock coming forward an hour were false. I’m guessing Knight Rider, The Unit, Las Vegas and My Own Worst Enemy are being held over for 7’s second channel later this year. Either that or over the summer.

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