Airdate: The Sci Fi Boys

scifibThe Sci Fi Channel brings a documentary next month, The Sci Fi Boys, featuring legendary names in science fiction cinema including Peter Jackson, John Landis, Stephen Sommers, Ray Bradbury and Roger Corman. This is the story of the success stories who started out as kids making amateur movies and grew up to take Hollywood by storm.

There are certainly a variety of styles and storytelling in the films of these names from B-movies including the original Little Shop of Horrors to Farenheit 451 to Lord of the Rings…which isn’t exactly true sci fi…oh well, maybe Peter Jackson will talk about the abandoned Halo feature.

You can catch this:
Part 1 – Wednesday, June 24 at 7.30pm
Part 2 – Wednesday, July 1 at 7.30pm on Sci Fi.

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  1. Um, Lord Of The Rings may not be sci-fi, but Peter Jackson has made other movies as well… did anyone even bother to check his page? How about Bad Taste? You know, the one where Aliens land on earth, implement some dastardly evil alien plan, and then are forced to fly off with their spaceship again? Sure sounds like Sci-Fi to me…

    – Jack M.

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