Airdate: Worst Week

worst-weekAnother US adaptation from a British series will begin soon on Channel TEN.

Sitcom Worst Week arrives as the American version of The Worst Week of My Life which has previously screened on the ABC.

In the US version, Sam Briggs (Kyle Bornheimer) is an entertainment magazine editor who will do anything to please his girlfriend’s conservative parents. But instead he becomes a one-man wrecking crew whenever he’s around them. Now they must tell the parents of their impending wedding and baby.

The series aired in the US last September on CBS. But a second series was not approved leaving 15 eps in total.

It will premiere at 8pm on Thursday May 21st following Rules of Engagement.


  1. Knowing the UK version well, this is just another example of
    why the US, in general, can’t do “farce” adequately.
    I kept thinking “Why is Dexter doing a lame sitcom”? 🙂
    Once you see the lead as a form of Dex, any remaining
    illusions are shattered…;-)

  2. I quite enjoyed this show. Lots of genuinely clever and funny moments, and just a really pleasant, likeable and enjoyable show. It’s a shame it didn’t get picked up for more episodes.

    I quite like the UK show as well, but they are quite different in tone. UK show is a bit darker.

  3. Seen the first ep of this and thought it was very clever…I was worried it could be a cringe worthy “bumbling idiot” type show but the subtle events that leads to each disaster was very enjoyable

  4. Right on Ryan, Ten could have easily pulled a 2.5 men and stripped the show in the 7pm slot over the summer instead of Friends, Will & Grace, and the other flops they had, but they’re too scared to try something different.

    Tomothy, IIRC Ten never bothered to show the final 3 season 2 episodes of Rules of Engagement (Russell’s Father’s Son, Buyer’s Remourse and Pimp My Bride), even when they repeated all the eps over the summer. It wouldn’t surprise me if they simply forgot about them and they’ll go unaired til next summer.

  5. Ahh finally finishing season 2 of RoE, over a year after the original US screening. Season 3 is also a short one too, as CBS has never committed to a full run. Seaon one was 7 eps, and season two was around 12.
    Worst Week was one of the US adaptions I really enjoyed. It was much better than I thought. The first episode is very reminisent (sp?) of the UK series, but as the episodes go on they add more orginal content. Pity it didnt get renewed though. It was developed by Matt Tarses, one of the Scrubs developers/writers.

  6. Good point RichoTB; completely agree, whilst I’m glad Worst Week is getting an airing here, its a show with no future and Ten would be better of investing their energy in promoting The Office; Law and Order isn’t leadin relient so if it fails it shouldn’t bring down the rest of their nights and Rules of Engagement is capable of around 900K; The Office deserves another shot in primetime, I can’t believe TEN won’t give it a go.

  7. The Worst Week of my Life was quite funny but from what I remember Worst Week didn’t rate particularly well in the States and the promos made it look mostly, stupid.

  8. I suggested this pair-up at the start of the year instead of those thousands of factuals Ten seemed to throw at the wall, but now with Worst Week axed there doesn’t seem to be much of a point. If Ten were smart they’d chuck Worst Week late on Sunday nights and relaunch The Office in primetime. Seven did it for Scrubs and it worked really well, yet TO will air for at least 3 more seasons. Its NBC’s highest rated show in the 18-49 demo, and it could well and truly be a hit here too. Get it together TEN.

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