Australia’s next top Football Superstar

If you look closely, there's a lot of similarity between two FOX8 reality contests.

fxtl_fs_s2_lee_d2b9603_nickwilson2009FOX8 has ‘revealed’ the 15 players in the second season of Football Superstar, as if to pit the series as the male counterpart of Australia’s Next Top Model.

They are:

New South Wales: Gilly Buckley, 20; Aaron Daly, 16; David McMurray, 19; Daniel Mitwali, 17 and Sebastian Petralito, 20.
Queensland: Jack Petrie, 20; Matthew Heath, 19; Chris Kozionas, 20.
Victoria: John Lazaridis, 20 and Steven Topalovic, 18.
Western Australia: Kynon Melling, 18 and Trent Wood, 19.
South Australia: Michael Marchi, 20 and Thomas Renzi, 19.
Canberra: Luke Pilkington, 18.

Like ANTM, they also span a similar age bracket, as young as 16 and the eldest participants aged 20.

And they also move into residence together, sharing a Melbourne mansion, ready to be judged by a panel for their on-field performance and off-field behaviour. At stake is a contract with Melbourne Victory.

Brian McFadden returns as host, this tim joined by FOX Sports presenter Lee Furlong.

It airs 7:30pm tonight on FOX8.

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