Axed: Terminator, Unusuals. Renewed: Cold Case, Bones

Updates too on Medium, Chuck, Privileged and Without a Trace.

terminatorNo real surprises here: Terminator: The Sarah Cxonnor Chronicles has been cancelled by FOX.

The end of the road comes on the eve of the feature film release Terminator: Salvations starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington.

ABC has pulled the plug on The Unusuals, a series that is on Nine’s drama list.

More positively for the network, Cold Case has been renewed for a seventh season.

However, Without a Trace is looking “unlikely” to return, insiders confirm.

Vampire Diaries is the first CW series to land a pickup for Fall. Based on novels about a young woman courted by two vampire brothers, one good and one evil, it features brothers are at war over her soul as well as the souls of her friends, family members, and town.

Chuck has been renewed for another 13 episodes by NBC.

Privileged is unlikely to be renewed, sources said.

has been renewed the show for not one but two more seasons by FOX.

Finally there is also talk that Medium could switch from NBC to CBS.  The switch would come after NBC and the producer couldn’t agree on the license fee and the size of the order, insisting on a partial pickup.

Source: EW.com, Hollywood Reporter, LA Times

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  1. This is outrageous! TSCC was/is a great change from so many crapy reality shows and the NEVER ENDING cops and medical shows~!

    Firefly had me and ALL of my friends, most over 40, completely hooked,, then Fox axed it,,,, as they tend to do with anything thats worth while. Who the hell does thier chopping and why are they relying on basic ratings from one area of research. The DVD’s are the big sellers, and for most of us it is the worst thing to start collecting a box set only to find thier is no ending! Firefly should have never been axed, and the same goes for Termintator, the Sara Connor Chronicals.

    All series should have an ending, it’s like ripping the viewing public off and if you did it with a product like a vehicle, it would be a customer quality crime.

    FOX, you need to be monitored better by your peers!

  2. i might be the only one that’s really sad without a trace may not be continuing – it’s an amazing show, though not as amazing in the last season or two. i hope if it is cancelled it’s given the chance to go out properly.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who watches, let alone likes, Til’ Death. So I guess it is cheap enough to make for FOX. I’m kinda hoping that Whedon plans a possible ending for the 13th episode of season two of Dollhouse, y’know, just in case the axe falls… As for T:SSC, as much as FOX (deservedly) gets roasted over its handling of genre shows, you can’t say they didn’t give this one a chance. Two seasons is way more than most FOX shows get to build an audience.

  4. Evil, the same goes for Back to You:
    Back to You – cancelled
    ‘Til Death – renewed

    Of course the reason was increased costs for Back to You, but still.

    ‘Til Death must be cheap as to make.

  5. No more TSCC ? That is an absolute crime. Thats it – i am now officially out of ‘top shelf’ tv shows, with galactica gone 🙁

    Thats just such a dumb idea – especially with a terminator movie coming along. A new 13 episode miniseason could at the very least coasted along on the (assumed, impending) success of the movie. Why are sci-fi shows treated with such distain on fox?

  6. Not at all surprised about T:SSC. It was a really pointless idea for a series (especially given how much it contradicted the movies) and I’m only surprised it lasted as long as it did. As for Medium, I hope it continues, at least long enough to get a decent ending.

  7. I know it was inevitable but its not good news that “Terminator: The Sarah Cxonnor Chronicles” is not being renewed. Season 2 ended without really tying off any of the story lines. There was a whole lot more to explain

  8. So I guess nine will air The Unusuals in like 2 years aka “The Evidence”! Pity I hear it’s an interesting show…

    Good news with Chuck but I hope Privileged gets a 2nd season as it’s growing on me.

    It’s a shame Terminator didn’t get renewed but Bones was a no brainier even with a disappointing season final, 2 years is not that unusual.

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