Behind the budget

abc3-logoThe arrival of A-PAC Channel last year could have thwarted the ABC’s chances at its own public affairs channel.

The government didn’t receive any funding for the channel, despite faring well with its children’s channel and a boost to local drama.

With the tight economic conditions, it appears the government may have been satisfied A-PAC was adequately covering the territory, even though the ABC reaches a much wider audience.

Meanwhile, Australian Children’s Television Foundation chief executive Jenny Buckland said the establishment of the ABC3 channel was the biggest step forward in children’s television in Australia since the children’s regulations were introduced more than 20 years ago.

“It’s a very pleasing result,” she said last night. “It means significant gains for both the children’s audience and the Australian production industry.”



  1. They are using their old logo which is surprising. I guess they didn’t want the worm logo on this channel.

    This logo has Nine cubes . . . someone’s trying to copy Nine.

    Hopefully this new channel doesn’t have as many repeats as ABC1Kids does. Hopefully this new channel encourages more producers to make kids’ shows.

  2. I think you will find over time, ABC2 will carry more News content than it does now, including round the clock coverage. This includes the 5 to 7 hours of unused aritime overnight where the coninuous broadband ABC news channel (when launched) can get an airing. The ABC does not have room for a 4th SD channel on its current Mux. They are stretching it already with ABC1, ABC2, ABC-HD and soon to launch ABC3.

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