Bounce begins on AFL rights

The AFL has forwarded a set of terms and conditions for its 2012-2016 broadcast deal to Seven, Nine & TEN.

aflThe AFL has forwarded a set of terms and conditions for its 2012-2016 broadcast deal to Seven, Nine & TEN.

Seven boss David Leckie has signalled Seven’s preference to roll over the current $780 million agreement for another five years.

Leckie is believed to have spoken with the AFL in recent weeks and indicated the game’s historic rights holder was keen to remain involved and that the total five-year package from 2012-2016 could be worth more than the current deal.

It is believed Seven has sent the document to its legal team and that the AFL has held fast to its traditional view that the annual home-and-away series remain fixed, and not moveable in the fashion of the National Rugby League competition.

The 2012-and-beyond package looms as the first in three broadcast agreements in which Channel Seven does not hold the first and last bidding rights.

Leckie’s move was reportedly  influenced in part by the recent roll-over of the American football broadcast rights, another multi-network agreement.

Nine, which has an agreement with Fox Sports to broadcast the 2012 London Olympics, has indicated through its executive Jeff Browne that it plans to be part of the next AFL bid.

Source:  The Age

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  1. @ david

    what you believe the dribble that came out of the mouth of dylan howard. the paid money to some hospital workers to give them records of players. there is no way thy founf them on the street

    1. Damo, you’ve implied Seven stole the records. It’s already been to court and two people were prosecuted over the case. Neither was from Seven who became involved afterwards. In fact no charges were laid against Seven. I’m not defending Dylan Howard (who was suitably sacked) or Seven by any stretch of the imagination. But you need to stick to the facts for a case that’s been to court: Robert Crouch, 37, and Catherine Mitchell, 32, both of Ivanhoe, pleaded guilty to the files’ theft in August 2008. Not Seven.

  2. @steve

    second rate hey. what do you call not showing the first bounce of the game,. thats what 7 does. what do you call not showing the premiers singing their song after the grand final, thats what 7 did. what do you call stealing medical records of afl players and saying the afl alowed them to expose them when the afl didnt. thats what 7 did.

    foxtel is the best thing for the afl. they show live games. they have footy shows. the best thing about their coverage is. it isnt flash and it does a 10 billion time better job than 7

  3. you wouldnt see Brownless and Crawford on the footy coverage for god sake, Brownless was at the network during the last rights deal (Sunday Footy Show) and didnt commentate so what makes you think he would this time. And with Brayshaws increasing commitments and Brian Taylor/Dwayne Russel now at Foxtel, expect to only really see Lyon, McGuire and Brereton return. Id hope and expect Grant Thomas to get a gig on expert commentary and possibly Nathan Thompson too. 9’s coverage is way better than 10’s and 7’s so heres hoping they do.

  4. Aussies are so stupid, if we refused to watch afl on delay and forced the hand of the commercial stations then they would be forced to show all their games live. As we would like.
    But no…we just get on forums and moan and groan like bitches.

  5. Whilst most on here are focusing on the individual characteristics of each potential, past or current broadcaster, and fans being split on this, the main focus really should be fans uniting to pressure the AFL to strongly stipulate their conditions. The AFL is in a position to dictate terms with the broadasters, not the other way around!

    -Live coverage natioanally is imperative in all markets, regardless of how it is delivered. (FTA main channel, FTA secondary or PAY).
    If one netowrk is not prepared to broadcast a game live, then they must forfeit their right to that game.

    -Choice: AFL fans in non traditional australian rules areas do not just support the local team! They should be able to access all games live, not just a double broadcast of the local side on both FTA and PAY.

    -I agree with an earlier post that the FTA multicasting situation in 2012 will have a very positive impact on the broadcast deal.
    FTA networks would be able to use their SD2 channel for live broadcasts, especially in NSW & QLD, and to broadcast non-local team games.

  6. i hate channel 7 coverage its never live i like channel tens coverage because its live and they do i much better job but its true that if you give it to channel nine you will have to put up with more of the channel nine footy show team but i would like to see it try out

  7. Boosting coverage in the non-AFL states will be critical.

    Remember, there will need to be flexability, due to the addition of two new teams, one in Sydney and GCFC.

    The GCFC admission is in the last year of the current broadcast deal, meaning, it may just come down to the wire for any new deal, and “special” broadcasting arrangements may be made for the 2011 season concerning the new team.

    Digital “anti-siphoning restrictions” would also need to be lifted, as the full switchover will be completed by the end of the second year of the new broadcast arrangements, i.e 2013.

    I honestly think, the Pay rights should be separate from the FTA rights, like it is for other codes. Then people would have a choice, especially in the NRL states.

  8. As long as those jokers at C7 dont get the rights again I’ll be happy.

    All there games are at least one hour delayed and to make things worse they aren’t in HD and have 5 ads between goals on there Sunday coverage.

    Channel 9 + foxtel please.

  9. i reckon 10 wants out of the deal they have with 7 for the next rights. the worst thing to happen for these rights. would be 7 getting them. if the afl want new fans on the gold coast and in western sydney. they better not give these rights to 7

  10. for crying ou t loud, make sure that fox have rights to show friday night games live in all markets!!!! seven can show it on delay like now, but fox can show it live.
    if you pay, you get it live
    if you dont pay, you get it on delay (like now)

    this is win-win for everyone

  11. I’d like to see all 3 networks share the games so we can get all the matches shown on free-to-air. I personally think Channel 10 does the best coverage (minus Robert Walls). Nine would mean we have to put up with Eddie, Brayshaw, Crawford, Brownless all calling games and i don’t know if i could put up with that. And Seven’s coverage can be good and has some great commentators (minus David Schwarz, Olarensahw) but it’s Friday night games starting at 8.30 is a joke and Sundays having games not start til 3.30 is crap. Not to mention how they make games go for over 4 hrs with all the ads.
    ABC would probably be the best but that’ll never happen.

  12. @ John: I think the other 2 broadcast agreements that Seven doesn’t have the first and last bidding rights are Melbourne Cup Carnival and V8 Supercars.
    If Nine gets the AFL rights back, then fans in NSW, ACT, Queensland and even NT will miss out on Friday night matches in primetime again, as Nine’s local affiliates (e.g. WIN) will keep showing NRL matches first, followed by AFL at 11.30pm.

  13. Maybe to help with the Sydney tv ratings, they could somehow incorporate Iron Chef into the Swanies games, maybe Channel 10 can request to have Masterchief cook up a storm on the boundry lines.

  14. Hopefully Seven don’t get it, or the rights to any sports once their current broadcast deals expire. Lifestyle Food and Nick Jr would probably be able to do a better job of broadcasting sport than Seven.

  15. It will be interesting to see how the networks will fit the AFL into their schedule, given digital TV transmission will be fully operational and (hopefully) anti-siphoning rules will be changed so that AFL games can be shown on secondary digital channels.

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