Bumped: Heroes

From next week Heroes is pushed back by another 30 minutes to 11pm.

heroes1From next week Heroes is pushed back by another 30 minutes to 11pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

It will follow repeat episodes of Scrubs at 10:30pm.

In Sydney and Brissy it remains at 10:30pm.

Last night Heroes managed a lowly 361,000 viewers coming third in its timeslot. Nine again won Thursday,while TEN matched Seven’s nightly share.

At least Seven will still play out the episodes….

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  1. Sorry Paull but i have to agree with AuTivo.The only shows i watch “live or at broadcast time” on FTA now are the news and live sport.All other shows i record on my Topfield PVR which blows any DVD recorder out of the water and watch at my leisure.
    Maybe it’s time to invest in a PVR ( not the Freeview one) if you can afford one and stop being held hostage to broadcast times and dodgy EPG’s.

  2. @Autivo: true story there, yet many people still prefer to watch tv life, and that’s evidenced by many people I know, who (in my opinion quite sillily) threw out their vcrs and replaced them with dvd players, thus leaving them with no option to record the show. Ofcourse dvd recorders recently have come down to prices that dvd players are, and so people do have the option to record again, however just a couple of years ago dvd recorders cost a bundle and weren’t for the avg. consumer.
    Personally I do record shows like that which are on at late times, however normally im not up at that time so i have to set it via epg, and seeing as channel 7 and 9 don’t like to run on time (like city rail) a 2 hour disc is only good for 1 one hour program, not 2 unless you go for the lp option, which im a bit too fusy to use now days.

  3. Kudos to 7 for still running the series.It seems they struggle to know what to do with shows that constantly rate in the 300K – 700K range.

    Stargate suffered the exact same fate for over ten years but 7 hung in with it and for that i am thankful they are doing the same with Heroes.

    The audience is quite clearly there for these shows as exhibited by their strong and long sales tail at retail – Stargate / Atlantis being the perfect example of lower ratings shows being on retail shelfs for years longer than higher rating shows at the same time and it’s still their today.

    Now when is Heroes S3 coming on Blu-Ray?

  4. i think shows like heroes, 24 and lost have become liabilities for networks. they only show it to not piss off the few fans that the shows have. im sure they would rather show something else on those timeslots.

  5. i rekon this was 7 plan all along. many people were very surprised that heroes was returning to 10:30 during ratings period. especially as scrubs was doing so well there.

    Andrew B, scrubs will obviously do much better than heroes, heroes only got 361k and scrubs easily pulls well over 500k for an hour average. during the summer on monday it almost got 700k for an hour 10:30-11:30.

  6. bindi you are right and I think a lot of it has to do with promotion, for some reason the network promo departments (at all 3 nets) only seem to be able to focus on 5 shows at a time and everything else gets promoted in shorthand – well that doesn’t work for these kind of shows which are by their nature Event Television, if you don’t promote the shows well enough you are are going to watch the aud dwindle.

    Look at the effort Seven puts into Home & Away promos, that’s the kind of enthusiasm and effort they need for their serialised dramas

  7. Well maybe if they move the show forward an hour it might rate better. Of course the ratings are gonna drop when they move it to a later time slot. Bloody idiots. I watched the first 3 weeks of 24 but haven’t seen it since they moved it to 11. I record Lost now at 11 to watch later, but i might start watching online. And looks like i’ll be watching online for Heroes now too. Hurry up and give us those extra digital channels so they can screen all these shows at decent times.

  8. I don’t get it. Do they not realize that if you do not advertise a show, it will most likely not rate too great. And also, Private Practice is doing about the same figures that Heroes was last when it was at 9:30pm. I think Seven are trying to get rid of all their shows that guys watch, and becoming a middle aged woman station. Seriously.

  9. Beauty and the Geek is just about finished anyway.

    I don’t get these 10.30 shows going back to 11 just to fit in another half hour show that won’t do any better and leaving even less for the following show – not to mention the fact they all start 5 minutes early by then. Heroes is back to the quality of the 1st season and deserves better. Yes – at least 7 will stick with it.

  10. these shows lose their popularity on tv, but still do really well on dvd, something is going on there. there are still fans out there, it is just the networks and/or oztam don’t know how to find them. half an hour makes no difference to me, just have to adjust my pvr, ur right, at least 7 is still showing it that’s all i need.

  11. Far too late to watch! At least 7 streams them online as well. Any idea how long the episodes remain online for to watch later, as it might be easier just to watch it all after it’s finished on TV. I got the first series all at once, and I think it worked far better watching it all in one go rather than once a week.

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