Community TV in appeal to Rudd

histrionicsThe launch of a new community television programme for Sydney’s Community Television station, TVS, drew an appeal to Prime Minister Rudd for digitial simulcasting.

It follows no clarity on the issue in last week’s Federal Budget, despite earlier promises it would not “be left behind.”

Speaking at the launch of Histrionics, TVS Chief Executive Laurie Patton called on the Government to immediately find $3 million so that Community Television can go digital before the end of the year.

“While all the other free-to-airs in Sydney are broadcasting in both analogue and digital – and will continue to do so until the end of 2013 – TVS remains marooned on analogue, along with our interstate Community TV cousins,” he said.

“Every time another household does as the Government asks and buys a new digital TV or a digital set top box they potentially lose the ability to watch TVS.”

Histrionics is a seven-part TV series with quiz questions based on the NSW History syllabus. The show is hosted by actor Matt Rossner, with Lex Marinos (Kingswood Country, TheatreSports) returning to television as its resident Judge.

Histrionics will premiere on TVS on Thursday 21 May at 7:00pm, and will be repeated each Friday at 2:00pm, Sunday at 5:00pm, and Tuesday at 4:30pm.


  1. When Community Television confirms to digital, from today Community television plans to launch in 2009 until 2013.

    From 2009, Community Television to start a analogue to simulcast digital to be the first new digital channel ABC and SBS to screened in June & July 2009. Channel 31 plans to the digital TV in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

    Community TV plans to upgrade to CTV Perth and Access 31 Perth will be join the digital programs from start in 2009 or 2010. to broadcast from included and programs like Aurora Community Channel or NITV will join the community programs, Where the ABC1, ABC2, SBS One, and SBS Two plans to joining Community Television!

    These live telecasts from sports coverage including Aussie Rules football, Rugby Union & League, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Touch Football, Soccer, and others….

  2. Thanks to Rob for sticking up for the hundreds of people who labour away to make programs for TVS and the millions who watch Community Television every month. Since it began three years ago TVS has received a constant stream of letters, emails and phone calls from people who have ‘discovered’ the channel. Almost all of them positive. While “imagine ! seriously” might not be a fan of TVS his/her views are simply not representative of those who contact the channel. With the availability of low cost digital recording and editing equipment it is now possible for community groups and individuals to create programs of a technical standard previously impossible. So the future of Community Television is very bright just so long as it is allowed to make the transition to digital via simulcasting as all the other free-to-airs have done.

  3. imagine | seriously

    Please get rid of all community TV channels! They’re a waste of space on TV and a complete waste of money. There isn’t a second on there that is worth watching. I’m sorry but thats just how i feel.

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