Footy Show v Eddie TV

edmcg2Yesterday there were calls for Eddie McGuire to return to the AFL Footy Show.

It’s a catchcry that has been suggested before, and there is no doubt it would certainly boost the Nine show.

In fact, McGuire has gone on record to say he would do anything for Nine, including hosting midday movies, if it would benefit the network. So it isn’t clear why he doesn’t entertain the notion of returning to the show…

Yesterday’s article in the Sunday Herald Sun talked down the current fortunes of the show, referencing an audience in Melbourne last week of 262,116, “its worst week so far this year,” adding that “most weeks [it] is well below 400,000 viewers.”

In fact last week it averaged 411,000 in Melbourne, up on the previous week of 378,000. Before that it took 452,000. It wins the slot every week in its hometown, which is quite a feat after 16 years.

While it is down 12% on the same point as last year in Melbourne, Nine is very happy with the AFL Footy Show. In reference to the latter, a spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Nine is really pleased with The Footy Show so far this year and the numbers are great considering the late start of the show.”

If any Footy Show is struggling it is the NRL version in its home city of Sydney -last week just 239,000.

Even before the Matthew Johns story broke it was clinging to life on 157,000. This is the same show that won a Logie as Most Popular Sports Programme, prompting ‘Fatty’ Vautin to thank David Gyngell for helping the show stay on air.

There is no doubt McGuire back behind the AFL Footy Show would be a shot in the arm for the AFL show, but it’s hardly at death’s door.

It would be good to get him back before it is.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. Eddie would do a great job if he did return,but to the Footy Shows credit last year it had rated the better than it had in the last couple of years when Eddie was hosting.This show will bounce back no doubt,shows that have been around for a few years tend to go through this,on occassions,on the other hand the NRL Footy Show continues to look very shakey

  2. @Dean. I do watch Footy Classified, and Before the Game so i get my mix of serious and light hearted programs. The problem with the Footy Show is that its no longer about footy, but all about show. What does Shane Crawford kissing 70 people for a world record have to do with footy? And now they just skim through the games like it’s getting in the way of them doing skits. The NRL version they actually discuss the previous week, analyse each game. AFL version its Port Adelaide v Sydney, who do you pick? I’m all for light hearted programs, but it’s meant to be lighted hearted Footy program so stick to the footy.

  3. It would be great to have Eddie back, but the most important thing is getting someone back behind the bar. I don’t really miss Trev but there needs to be a comedian there to back Sam up when he brings out a flat joke. Maybe Dave Hughes (if he can be on two networks).

  4. Yes, bring back Eddie McGuire and Trevor Marmalade , instead of B. Browmless and Shane Crawford all the time. Also G. Lyon is a bit could do with a break.!. I would find the return of Eddie most Edifying! And after the sickening and unedifying stories surrounding football lately, we need Mr, McGuire and his nice image. For the most part Id rather turn off Footy forever after the last two wiiks.

  5. I’m with Mikey and wouldn’t mind seeing Eddie back in charge. He would bring some professionalism to the show.

    I have to disagree with Jed though. I know a lot of people can’t stand Sam Newman, but there are a lot of us who enjoying watching him on the show. The day that he leaves the show is the day it will really go down hill. Billy is ok, but he is only funny in small doses. I don’t know why you would think The Footy Show has ever talked about footy because it has never been the analytical type of footy program. It has always been a light hearted program. If you want a show that actually talks about the footy it might be worth tuning into footy classified or one week at a time.

  6. Never ever put Eddie McGuire back on that show. The less of him the better. What they should do is get rid of the annoying James Brayshaw, Sam Newman and Shane Crawford, replace Sam with Billy Brownless. And stop having stupid knobhead panelists like Fevola, Dale Thomas, and Crawford. Have players that actually have a brain and personality. And actually talk about Footy. Isn’t that the purpose of the show? It’s all about immature jokes, and meaningless world record attempts, little footy at all.
    I’m from Adelaide but i find the NRL Footy Show so much better. Don’t know the rules of the game, but at least i can listen to them discuss all aspects of the game.

  7. It seems to me that they should definitely bring Eddie back on board – it would give the show some credibility again, and hopefully steer the other morons away from their idiotic on-air antics.

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