Gardening Australia: May 16

plant-lifeThis weekend’s Gardening Australia will include stories from the Victorian Bushfire recovery.

Presenter Jane Edmonson speaks to Malcolm and Jane Calder, a couple from Steel’s Creek in the Yarra Valley, whose property, part of the Open Garden Scheme, was completely destroyed.

They hope to restore their orchid, ornamental and vegie garden.

Botanists, the Calders are in their 70s and while they find the restoration task daunting at times, they are also excited about the new and surprising garden regeneration that they see every day now, almost 3 months on from the devastation.

Trees, native grasses, bulbs like irises, roses and some of the vegetables, like the silver beet, are reshooting.

Gardening Australia will follow these gardeners as they rebuild and regenerate over the coming weeks and months.

It airs 6:30pm Saturday on ABC1.

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  1. I was in Kinglake, Strathewen, St Andrews and similar area’s 2 weeks ago. The amount of devastation is obviously overwealming, and in Kinglake/Strathewen I’d say 95% of the trees are dead – as in, they will never regenerate. The other 5% of trees are blooming with growth and look very out of place in this deadened landscape.

    I will be watching the Sunday repeat of this episode for sure.

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