Generation nabs 1.6m viewers

TEN's new panel show debuted to a big audience on Tuesday as the #1 show of the night.

genyThe premiere of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation had a big debut on Network TEN last night.

It pooled a cool 1.64 million as the #1 show of the night. By comparison, that’s higher than the network got for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Australia (1.43m). It finished ahead of Seven’s special A Lion Called Christian (1.58m) and Nine’s 20 to 1(931,000).

TEN had its best Tuesday night of the year, with 1.5m for NCIS and MasterChef Australia staying on track with 1.15m. It very nearly snatched the night from Seven.

The new panel show for TEN will face more regular competition next week when The Zoo returns to Tuesday night’s alongside Find My Family on Seven.

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  1. I enjoyed this show – light, funny and not too many self indulgent team members -Amanda Keller is always good for a laugh – let’s hope it continues to rate with viewers!

  2. nice concept, but some of those quiz games seemed quite dull and inane to me. it’s not the sort of fun you get from watching good news week for example.

    i won’t be going out of my way to tune in again. micallef is good as always though.

  3. Amazing ratings for this show – I don’t think anyone expected it to achieve above 1.6! While an hour might be too long for some people, I found the length tolerable. Charlie Pickering was gunning out the jokes with rapid-fire speed, Shaun was superb as usual, Amanda was amiable but I really didn’t notice Josh.

  4. I was looking fwd to it but found it lacking. the direction of the show was all over the place…too many wide shots where close ups were required (ie when showing the visual clues to questions), and the cast just didbnt quite gel that well…I hope it gets better Stand out was Charlie…Go Gen X! 🙂

  5. I wanted to like it, and I’m glad it did well, but it wasn’t exactly a tight half hour. I lost interest pretty quickly.
    But good on Ten for making something not (directly) based on a foreign format!

  6. I agree that this for me felt like a Spicks and Specks clone with a wider variety of topics.

    That being said they picked a pretty dull cast as usual, Josh Thomas does not really work well on television and Shaun Micallef who everyone associates with very funny television did not seem very enthused and looked like he was forced to produce some of the very poor jokes and bad puns (think he must of felt like a sell out).

    I think this series drew a large crowd on the first night out of interest and a way to escape 20 – 1 but will not perform so well in the coming weeks.

  7. watched it, maybe expected too much. Got bored after 10 minutes – very slow paced.
    Survived till end (nothing else on) Looked like poor version of Spicks n Specks,Rockwiz & other panel shows- better than Out of question though
    Doubt If I will return

  8. I liked the idea behind the Show and as said above having an Audience Member the second person on the Panel may work (as it does on RockWiz), I think Amanda Keller and Charlie Pickering would work well with an Audience member not so sure about Josh Thomas with an audience member or just in general (pity Ex-Idol host James Mathison wasn’t used, I get the feeling his smarmy dry wit would be great for the show).

    I will give this show the full 12 Episodes to come around as I love Shaun Micallef (and why very few people liked his Nine Tonight show I will never know), I hope Ten let it play out for the commissioned season as well, I think it will be a grower (like how The Panel grew over time).

  9. Good to see TEN taking a punt with this show and so far it is working. Hope it can hold the audience.

    10 Years younger sliding…. Now I see why it’s a 9.30 show. All Saints didn’t look good either perhaps Find My Family will help change that.

  10. Great concept…just needs some time to settle into. Shaun Micallef and Amanda Keller are great and with the right guest panalists this could be a real winner for 10.

    George Negus and Ruby Rose really added very little value to the first edition. Will keep watching and hope it continues to improve.

  11. I’m not sold on it… ok, first time out, but lacks some structure … maybe if it was tighter in a 30min segment like others have prevoiusly suggested here, might be better… but go ten for bringing on something newish

  12. Demos

    18-49: 49.3% (Seven 30.5%) (Nine 20.2%)
    16-39: 53.2% (Seven 27.0%) (Nine 19.8%)
    25-54: 47.1% (Seven 31.9%) (Nine 21.0%)

    Amazing demos.

    Clearly i am out of touch with what Australia wants to watch. I find panel shows one big yawn fest from the mid 90s

  13. yes I was very surprised how huge the show debuted at over 1.6 million but with seven’s huge ratings show the zoo and find my family returns next week i think it could drop by 400 to 500 thousand viewers and then fizzle away the lion special did very well for seven for an hour but i see a huge drop when all saints starts but i hope it does grow soon or they will cut the season shorter and move it to another timeslot

  14. I watched it, intrigued by the idea of the 3 generations being pitted against each other.

    While it was lightly entertaining at times, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was trying too hard to be a commercialised Spicks & Specks – not a good move! Spicks has become a crowd favourite and we all know what happened when Network 7 tried to copy that format.

    “Generation” needs to run snappier to keep me hanging on between the commercials – and if you can’t get any decent “celebrities”, I suggest having one celebrity per generation and an audience member on each team to make it a little more interactive.

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