Generation nabs 1.6m viewers

TEN's new panel show debuted to a big audience on Tuesday as the #1 show of the night.

genyThe premiere of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation had a big debut on Network TEN last night.

It pooled a cool 1.64 million as the #1 show of the night. By comparison, that’s higher than the network got for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Australia (1.43m). It finished ahead of Seven’s special A Lion Called Christian (1.58m) and Nine’s 20 to 1(931,000).

TEN had its best Tuesday night of the year, with 1.5m for NCIS and MasterChef Australia staying on track with 1.15m. It very nearly snatched the night from Seven.

The new panel show for TEN will face more regular competition next week when The Zoo returns to Tuesday night’s alongside Find My Family on Seven.

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  1. Well, I enjoyed it. I was worried that it would be a regular Ten show with Micallef dumped in as the square peg. Happily, the style of the whole thing tended to the absurd and (deliberately) piss-weak. If his tonight show is any guide, it will get even funnier, be axed, and win an ARIA.

    Hopefully Josh Thomas will improve, as well as the (possibly confused) studio audience. Line of the night from Charlie to the Y’s: “We’ve been waiting our whole lives for you to get your s**t together”.

  2. As for TEN not moving things around…Life on Mars was moved to Friday nights with no notice! I missed an episode before realising what was going on so now I’ve decided to just download the last few eps 😐

  3. Someone mentioned that they hoped that ten would leave it in it’s timeslot for the duration of the series.. Looking at ten this year, they’ve hardly moved anything.. i mean yea they tried to alter their thursday and friday nights a bit, but i think viewers would warm to the consistency more than what nine do, where they just shove shows all over the place.. that’s my opinion anyways.. but even if the numbers do drop alot, i still think ten would just play it out..

    I thought it was a great show.. Shaun is superbly funny, and although the show is a little long, it’s still tolerable and good fun.. i’m sure it’ll do quite well.. even with a bit more competition..

  4. I liked it a lot, as usual Shaun Micallef is hilarious with his subtle one-liners. Clearly it needs to work on fluidity and George Negus is too unfunny a guest but I think if it just streamlines the setup a bit it can continue to pull Spicks-esque numbers.

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