Gone: You Saved My Life

Nine's new factual series disappears from schedule to be replaced by more Charlie Sheen.

taraNine has pulled one of its two new factual series You Saved My Life, which reunited survivors with rescuers, from Monday nights.

The show presented by Tara Brown and Andrew Rochford has had three episodes air. On Monday it had an audience of 931,000, fourth in its slot.

It will be replaced by a new episode of Two and a Half Men from next Monday, May 11. Also of note, on Tuesday May 19 the usually new episode of Men at 8:30pm will now be a repeat. Nine could be shifting the new eps from Tuesdays to Mondays…

Missing Pieces hosted by Peter Overton, which took 1.04m this week remains in place at 8pm.

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  1. A man and a teenager saved my partners life 4 weeks agoi.
    My man should of died that day, only for tthis quick thinking and army trained gentleman!!!!
    Everyone that was at the accident ran, but not this man and teenanger, they ran to help Tony. I will thank them & God for the rest of my life for giving Tony back to me.
    Some of you may know the damadge a grader tyre exploding in someones face can do, if you do not, “Trust me it is the same as having a bomb go of in front of you”
    This story should be told to all Ozzies…People like this man and teenager deserve recondion, a show like “You saved my life” would of done that!!!!!

    Nine…Shame, shame, shame!

  2. Channel Nine…..”You bloody fools”!!!!!!….Doesn’t Australian television have enough American, English crap on it!!!…Are we Australians or what!?…
    What bloody fool decided to scap this wonderful show?.
    Nine should scrap the bloody idiot that made this dission in my opinion!!!!!
    I for one will not be turning my tv onto such crap as 2 and a half men..
    Channel nine…start being an Ozzie!!!!!!

  3. Re shaun Fitzgerald on You saved my life. Great story, I have a cousin about you age with very similar injuries – maybe we could arrange contact via email between my cousin and yourself for inspirational purposes? You seem very together. regards Melissa

  4. I actually saved a tourists life in Thailand back in or around 1994.

    I have often wondered what happened to him after I brought him back to the mainland from PP Island.

    I was the first (Public) Sea Search and Rescue operator in Krabi ( if not Thailand ) and consequent had the only speed boat in Krabi with equipment.

    The guy came from England and had an epeleptic fit whilst snorkling with his friends. He drowned. His friends revived him and the clinic nurse ” at that time” considered him for dead. I was called to see if I wanted to go and see if we could help this guy by the local authorities.

    After a 38 odd km trip across the sea to PP Island …he was still alive.

    After bringing him back ( another sea 38km ) to the mainland, last I was involved with and saw was him was being placed in the back of an ambulance which the Police had previously arranged…His friend was there as well.

    I have always wondered what happened to him after we placed him in the back of the ambulance.

  5. remember til’death has been taken out of scheule on fridays according to an add i just saw (in AFL states) replaced with 2.5men repeats. so for us it is back up to 9 episodes a week!!!

  6. @Guenolad: so true, i’m already picturing it

    60 minutes is axed, after failing to compete against sunday night
    Nine says “It will be replaced by a new episode of Two and a Half Men”.

    Repeats of 2 and a half men are being axed, and according to nine ““It will be replaced by a new episode of Two and a Half Men”

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