Happy 70th Pete Smith!

Congrats to one of the nicest and funniest guys in the biz, as the king of voice overs, warm ups and network loyalty turns the big 7-0.

petepr1And how can we not acknowledge the 70th Birthday celebrations of one Mr. Pete Smith, who joined Nine in 1963, and is still entrenched with the network.

Best known for his work on such shows as Sale of the Century (make that “Saaaaaaale of the Century”), In Melbourne Tonight and many years as the voice of Channel Nine (“we apologise for this break in transmission”), Smith is widely known for being one of the nicest, and funniest, in the biz. He has seen it all and is always generous with his time and shares many of his memories to those smart enough to listen.

Smith has also been quick to send himself up, including on The Late Show (where he sang Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady”), radio for Martin / Molloy, The Nation and current appearances in Whatever Happened to That Guy?.

In addition to his voice over work Smith is also a warm up man veteran, firmly believing in the importance of a relationship between a network and its audience. He continues work with Nine in community events.

Pete Smith also recorded a voice over for TV Tonight in its former life as a daily radio segment.

Happy birthday, Pete, may it be rolled in gold….or at least Copper Art.

(An audio grab of Pete on ABC radio yesterday is heard at ABC Canberra who chats about many of his finer moments. Check it out at “After 7am.”)

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